About Me

Just a speck of stardust floating aimlessly in space

Loyal shipper, enthusiast :') Lord help me

Is in love with: futa, ABOverse, crackfics


GG fandom (mostly Twice, SNSD, RV, BP, GFriend) + SuJu only

Here for: MiMo, DubChaeng, SaTzu, 2Yeon, SeulRene, JoyRi, ChaeLisa, JenSoo, MoonSun, WheeSa, TaeNy, TaengSic, YoonHyun

Is on WenHyo crackship agenda someone should really stop me

Top Momo supremacist fite me


You can call me anything it's all fine

Socially awkward online but you can reach me anytime! <3


I write ideas on my blogs but don't expect me to start on it lmao I'm so sorry