Anagram, Juni

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At first, Mingyu thought that it wouldn't be any different this time. After all, what's wrong with spending Tuesday night hanging out with his friends? Even more so when Jeonghan complains almost endlessly about the lack of Mingyu's presence ever since he started working his off to buy a new camera.

And so he becomes the only one who finds it hard to believe, especially as he walks down the quiet street – the digits on his glaring phone screen reads quarter past midnight – with another figure walking next to him.

However, as the sunlight seeps into the room where they've been the rest of the night, Mingyu feels grateful for not rejecting her invitation. He can't help but wonder, though, what they might have been if their encounter happened in a another time, another place... only to get distracted by the pair of large, brown eyes staring back at him, the girl's black hair is a stark contrast againts the white bed Mingyu knows he'll never make.



Anagram, Juni
a story by Chroma
"Aren't we all just just looking for a little bit of hope these days?" – BASTILLE

my first fanfic after, idk, so expect an excessive amount of crap. don't get me wrong, though; i love my crap because #crapprotection.squad.

besides, it's kim mingyu, for fork's sake. and i'm forever soft for BASTILLE, so this should be unsurprising that this one-shot is inspired by many of their works (also, any stormers here? hmu if you are!)

"When sun will rise, with the truth coming out your eyes, we'll be good in another life." – BASTILLE

credits to shin-oppa and ryhanna from we got fired for the purretty poster. click the banner below to visit their forever ameowzing shop ♥



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I am honestly intrigued, hope to read more soon!
very vivid description. even though i don't listen to svt, i already love your writing style and am interested in what story you'll be telling