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If Byul had known that meeting the Kyrie would leave her handcuffed to a bed, she would have never accepted her promotion.

If Sehun had known that he might have finally met his match in detective An Byul, he would have never challenged her. But it was about time that he had some fun.



“We think it’s a reference to the prayer, and the full name in Latin translates to ‘Lord, have mercy.’”

Byul blinks, a laugh dying on her lips when she realizes that Kim Junmyeon, the head detective on the case, is fully serious. “His name is Kyrie? Because he wants people to ask for mercy every time he’s named?”

He says nothing in response, and Byul sits back in her chair and pinches the bridge of her nose. This criminal has the worst sense of humor.

Couple of very important notes:

  • I wrote this story for a couple of reasons. I'm incredibly tired of of women in fanfiction being shamed or looked down upon for their activities in their personal lives and I'm tired of their difficult decisions being romanticized. 
  • To add to previous point, just because a male seems to have an interest doesn't mean that any of his actions can be excused. If he actively objectifies someone, or his actions affect someone's mental health, that is not acceptable because said male is hot or etc. That makes him toxic. 
  • That being said, I thought about tagging this fic [M] but I decided it was unecessary because I will not be explicit in any scene. Don't tell/ask me to write it because I won't.
  • I don't take requests. Please don't demand for a character's arc to go a certain way, or for a side-fic spinoff of some character. (This will be a standalone unless if I change my mind down the road.)
  • I do not know about how long this fic will be, but it will have a significantly lower chapter count and a higher word count per chapter than what I am used to. I'm trying to be detailed for once.
  • Be sure to check out my beta's stories if you need something else to read! She's super talented and has a ton of works that need love.
  • Don't skip over A/Ns. If I put it there, it's important. 
  • Don't call me author-nim. Please just call me Blu. 
  • Don't ask me for updates. Don't demand updates. Don't push for updates. Etc. I'm busy and respect the fact that I have a life outside of AFF.
  • I have not given permission for this fic to be posted anywhere else nor do I cross-post, so if you find copy of the fic that is not from the BLUELIXIR FROM AFF ACCOUNT, let me know, and if possible, please report. 

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  • Wolves: Being followed by a car, having a fake engagement, and starting a war with Min Yoongi was a lot funnier than it should be. Too bad she was scared out of her wits at the same time. (Yoongi/Suga x OC)
  • Lab Coats and Bank Notes: Hiding in plain sight from Kim Taehyung had to be one of the most dangerous things that she had ever done. (Taehyung/V x OC)
  • Cut the Dead Weight: When Nari loses her memory of the last seventeen months, she forgets about the war, the struggles, and most importantly, she forgets about the man named Kim Namjoon. And that's only the beginning of her problems. (Namjoon/RM x OC)
  • 88.: He had a habit of getting lost. She had an uncanny ability for helping the lost. (Jongin/Kai x OC)
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For everyone that has gotten this far and read everything, thank you! 

[94.] this story has been plagiarized. see chapter for details.


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againagainagain #1
Chapter 9: This is incredibly well written, the type I story that helps me on aff to be honest. I'm sorry to hear about the plagiarizing, I can only imagine how demoralizing that is for you. And it breaks the trust because yourself and us readers. I hope if/when you're ready you'll return and continue this story.

As far as the actual narrative, I was more or less hooked before I even started the first chapter due to your premise/warning(?). Yes, I admit that I'm familiar with the [M] tag due to reading my fair share of but I hate how this section of aff is ridiculed with exceedingly unhealthy, disrespectful and toxic depictions of relationships and intimacy. There have been countless times where I've had to stop reading due to the romanticized portrayal of characters that are manipulative, demean others, and through consent to the wayside. The stories normalize power dynamics that would be mentally, emotionally (and sometimes physically) devastating in real life. ual slavery, abuse, even can get glorified. As if the or intimacy involved somehow washed over the undoubtedly problematic circumstances.

Also clever use of your title makes. They further reinforce your point effectively, but not soo much that it's painfully obvious what your underlying message is. The plot paces well, and our lead character has complexity...Sehun isn't just "hot" or the all menacing enemy. She's sharp and a risk taker, but she's still vulnerable. I appreciate that.
Chapter 9: i just finished reading the story and first of all, i'm really sorry that it got plagiarized. it's such an amazing piece of writing though, and although i'm a pretty complacent reader in general it managed to keep me hooked.
i love every character and the depth they have. sehun is plainly fantastic and that's all i can say.
also kyungsoo deserves better,i hope he can get noticed some day.
83 streak #3
Finally found the time to read this!! Btw this poster in my opinion is my favorite and is one of your best!!!
1 points #4
Chapter 9: This story is really interesting and one of my favourite stories so far. It must be really frustrating and disappointing when someone steals all of your hard work. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I wish everything turns out all right. Thank you for writing such an amazing story.
tumblrbyun #5
Chapter 9: Your story is really really really refreshing and interesting. I am truly hooked!! It is unfortunate and and frustrating to learn that you had to face plagiarism with this brilliant story. I wish you good luck with this story in the future. I really love it and I'm excited for next chapters. Thank you for writing it!!
Chapter 9: Hello! I just read this post and I don't even know what to say... I'm just so sorry. As an author myself, I can only imagine how disappointed and frustrated you must feel because of the actual situation, and I sure understand why you decided to take a break. Don't worry about the us, we'll wait for you to feel better :) Fighting!
peppermintprincess #7
Chapter 9: Oh gosh, that was an intense ride. And Im nowhere near seeing the end of it yet. The Kyrie is one twisted creature and I would cheerfully want to see him taken down in the most humiliating way. You are one gifted writer! Thank you for sharing your work with us! I hope that plagiarism incident will be resolved favorably for you! Till the next chapter! :)
moomuas 1 points #8
Chapter 8: Hello~~ new reader here! I usually am a silent reader but I couldn't help but express how much I love this story already! I am not joking when I say that I read from beginning to this chapter in one sitting-- I cannot get enough of it! I love how you write and the details that you include with each sentence. I have more questions now than when I started and I LOVE IT. Are we nearing the end (or is the story just getting started) because I still have so many questions. I'm really curious as to how this story will play out (my hope, ofcourse, is on Byul and the team successfully finishing off the Kyrie case but it would be just as intriguing -- and a lot more frustating -- if Sehun got away with this last crime).

Also I'm sorry to hear that this story has gotten plagiarised...I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for someone to claim your hard work as their own!
Chapter 9: This fic is wonderful and intense and just so well written omg, a delight to read!
Chapter 2: Wow its just the first chap but i like this already