Like Riding a Bike


As the heir to his father’s humble bike shop, Sehyoon’s entire future lay in repairing bicycles. But after a once-beautiful bike came in, wrecked, Sehyoon became completely attached to its owner (or maybe it was just the industrial fumes messing with his head).


Pairing: Wowson, side DongJun

Rating: T

Words: 6258

Bike Shop AU


i should have finished my art history research paper instead of this… oops too bad

second a.c.e fic!! i love writing sehyoon, we’re both v quiet. every day outside the art building at my college, there’s always the prettiest blue bike and me being who i am thought, “yo i should write a fic about that”

and according to google docs, i wrote the line about junhee singing in the shower on january 15th so basically i’m a psychic who predicted shower park months in advance


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