Electric Heartbeat


For Byeongkwan, androids and humans live worlds apart—until the mysterious grad student on his floor turns out to be an android. As Sehyoon opens up to him, Byeongkwan becomes wrapped in a lifestyle he never knew. But between an impending research paper deadline and a messy friend group, his growing crush on Sehyoon is only the first of Byeongkwan’s problems.


"When Byeongkwan meets Kim Sehyoon, he doesn’t peg him for an android."


Pairing: WowKwan

Rating: T


Android AU, College AU


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Welcome to my latest WowKwan fic! My last fic was WowKwan too (bummed it isn't wowson anymore btw) but I seriously love this pair and their amazing comeback motivated me to finish at least one chapter~ I'm planning for each chapter to be around 3k words and I have most of it plotted out. Don't expect super fast updates tho i write really slow :( Let me know what you think here or hmu on social media! I haven't finished the entire fic yet, so feel free to drop suggestions too ♡ love y'all

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