Artificial Lover


The once-passionate romance between Chanyeol and Kyungsoo comes to a rocky standstill as Chanyeol places work over his relationship and Kyungsoo starts craving independence. After Kyungsoo walks out one day in a fit of frustration, Chanyeol downloads a popular electronic dating app. What he believed to be a harmless game ends up turning Chanyeol’s love life around; he now has to juggle both his dying relationship with Kyungsoo and his digital affair with Baekhyun—a perfect man who may never become real.


Pairings: ChanSoo, ChanBaek, KaiSoo (feat. XiuChen)

Rating: Currently T, but rating will go up to M.

Warnings: Cheating, dysfunctional relationship

Set in a futuristic universe where artificial humans are the new dating trend.



Hi all, welcome to my first EXO fic lol EXO was one of the first K-Pop groups I ever heard way back in 2012, but was never suuuper into them until this past year:) Obligatory long notes—If y’all have seen the Taiwanese BL film ‘Customized Companion’ (it’s a 2017 release, would totally recommend) this fic is based off the plot of that film. I’ve written a fic based off a BL film before and while I followed some story elements pretty closely there, this fic deviates a lot from the original ‘Customized Companion.’ I did not re-watch the film before writing this because I wanted to experiment with this advanced-tech universe and really ‘customize’ the base plot to fit my own writing style. And as I was very disappointed with the ending of ‘Customized Companion’, as I’m sure lots of people were, be expecting an entirely different (but equally heart-wrenching) end here. By heavily observing my roommate and her dysfunctional relationships, I’ve prepared well for writing this fic :) Enjoy ♡. 

Please let me know what you think! I initially began writing this to work on my skills in foreshadowing, so that's somehting to look out for. This is currently a work in progress, and I wanted to publish this first chapter to get a sense of how people enjoyed it. I have the entire fic outlined, and I'm planning 8-9 chapters at ~5k words each. Be prepared for drama, secrets, , and some fluff as well. I put my social media below so you guys can give me feedback that way, too (or just to chat)! 

Thank y'all and enjoy ♡.









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