Act the Part


Two strangers with dreams of becoming big-name actors were cast in roles they never wanted: paired together, as a hopelessly-in-love gay couple. But after months of working together, Jeonghan and Seungcheol’s on-screen chemistry evolved into something larger than a drama sub-plot. With the end of filming fast approaching, the two were faced with a choice: to go their separate ways and leave any chance at romance on set, or to confront their confusing and unprofessional emotions (with assistance from their managers, of course).


Rating: T (will go up to M)

Pairing: JeongCheol, side Meanie

AU: Drama stars

Genre: Fluff, Humor

Warnings: None :)


I got this idea while re-watching Takumi-kun; I read that the lead actor retired early in his career and moved to America. Some people say it was to avoid the media catching onto his relationship with his older male costar. I don’t believe this is true, but certainly interesting to think about; perhaps the conspiracies are more interesting than the actual Takumi-kun film haha (like how you can hear him saying the other actor’s real name during one of the scenes omg). And after I started writing this, Method was released. Thanks for stealing my thunder lol (I’m kidding, Method was good and I’m pumped that Korea is finally jumping on the BL train).



"Act the part, and you will become the part." - William James






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