Hi, My name is Soe Yubi. I have twin, Soe Yuhe and I'm the older one. We were so close back then like a strong magnet. Everything we had are always the same, clothes, shoes, dolls and foods. We were happy partner and only the children in the family but after we have grown up, the serenity is no longer exists when one day I found out my sister had missing somewhere.

Nobody has an idea about it either me or my parent.

No body was found yet and no contacts was connected.

All turned into an unspoken case and the police is working hard to get her existence confirmed which she is still alive or died.

I am by myself. 

But there's one thing I have figured out.. 


Comfort of being alone. 








Soe Yubi & Soe Yuhe 


Kim himchan (Yubi's Boyfriend)







Another one shot for you! :)


😑😐😐 horrible story
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