That Boy in Bus 4419

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There's always that one boy.

That sits on the exact same spot everytime I come inside the bus.

He always has his headphones on, looks outside the window, and keeps tapping his foot when he is into his music.

The way he looks, he looks very cool and handsome.

It makes me draw more into him.

The thing is though,

He goes to an all boy school, while I go to an all girl school.

How is it possible for us to even talk to each other?


How is it possible for me to talk to him when I am an introvert?

"Oh shoot!"

I ran out of the bus stop while the rain was dripping from the clouds up in the sky. It started raining harder and harder that I had to stop outside a store and wait until the rain was gone. I looked around and thought, "when is this rain gonna stop?"

I kept looking around until I saw a figure... that I knew too well.

The boy from Bus 4419.

He came running and stand next to me on my left side. He was a little far from me, but still close enough to be next to me. I sighed and look outside thinking, "just ignore him..."

I didn't even notice that he went inside the store and when he came out, I was putting my hand out to feel the rain. I sighed and thought again, "when is the rain gonna go awa-"

I felt a poke on my left arm and I turn to my left, then we made eye contact. For some reason, it felt like it was first love. But, at least to me it felt like it was. I heard him spoke for the first time, "here."

I looked at his hand and see a clear umbrella that he was holding. He was holding the handle of the umbrella and I asked, "for me?"

He nodded with a straight face and I slowly reached out with my left hand. I felt his warm hands when I grabbed the umbrella. When I grabbed it, I was gonna say thank you, but he looked away, then ran out of the rain. Making me see his back side with his backpack. I smiled and looked at the umbrella he gave me. 

"Thank you." 


~Author's Note~

Yes, I made a story of Stray Kids! All of the members will be in here, but the main guy will be Hyunjin. Some parts are based on a true story, but it's not my story. My friend has told me stories about this one boy that she likes always sits in the same spot everyday in the same bus with her. I asked her if I can make her a story based on this and she told me that I can. Anyways,




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Hyunmi (OC):

Quiet, sweet, and kind. She is an introvert. She barely socialize the world that she is living in. She only has 2 friends, one is Jihee that goes to an all girls school. The other one is Jisung, who goes to an all boy school. Things you should know about her is that she loves singing, but she isn't the best at dancing. The main thing is, everytime she sees that boy in the bus, she has a crush on him. How is she gonna approach him without being shy and awkward?


He is also the quiet boy, but is he an introvert? No, he is actually an extrovert. He is pretty popular with the girls from different schools. He has 9 friends. Woojin, Chan, and Minho in college. Changbin, Jisung, Felix, Seungmin, and Jeongin are in all boy school with him. Things that you should know about him is that he is kind and loves to fool around. He also loves to dance and always rides bus 4419. Will he even notice Hyunmi? 

Jihee (OC):

The most popular girl in school and also best friends with Hyunmi. She is very athletic and very smart, but most importantly, she dances very well. Dancing is her passion and her life. She would never give up dancing. She is also friends with Jisung, Hyunjin, and the others. What she didn't know was that her best friend, Hyunmi, also likes Hyunjin. So, would she fight for Hyunjin or would she have to give him up?


Werid, fun, and kind. Jisung goes to an all boy school with Hyunjin. Jisung is pretty popular and is well known as the cute chipmunk around other schools. The thing is though, he is always there for Hyunmi when she feels down or when something is bothering her. I think you can figure it out that he likes Hyunmi. Hyunmi and Jisung have been best friends since elemantary school. Will Jisung be able to tell Hyunmi how he feels?

~Other Characters~


Choonhee (OC)




Left to Right

Jisung, Minho, Chan, Seungmin, Felix, Changbin, Hyunjin, Jeongmin, & Woojin







Left to Right

Young K, Jae, Wonpil, Sungjin, & Dowoon


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