Paper Heart

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Paper Heart

Start: March 22nd, 2019

End: July 27th, 2020

Characters: Choonhee (OC), Minchan (Verivery)

Genre: Oneshot & School Romance

//|| Preview ||\\

Dear Hong Minchan,

I just want to say that I like you. But, I know you won't like me because you probably forgotten about me and it has been a long time since we talk ever since the incident. We have been in the same class for about 4 years and I just want to confess that I like you ever since the beginning of Freshman Year. I know I am not the smartest, the prettiest, and I'm not popular; but I like you. If you read this, I hope you accept me or I hope we can talk in the future.

- Yoo Choonhee

I sighed and thought looking at the paper, "should I really give this to him?"

I bit my lips and made the paper as a heart. I smile and thought, "I made a paper heart for you, Minchan."

I got up from my seat and walk out of the classroom. As I was walking, I bump into him and when I was about to fall to the ground on my back, the guy that I bump into caught me. The guy that caught me was the guy I like, Hong Minchan. I stood up straight and cleared my throat, then reply, "thank yo-"

He walked past by me, cutting me off, and I made a sad face. I kept looking at his figure while he was walking to his desk. I bit my lips and thought looking at my paper heart, "how am I suppose to give this to him?"


Authors' Note

Hey guys! This is my oneshot story with Verivery Minchan!

This story is base off of F(x) - Paper Heart

I love that song and I was like "why don't I make a story out of it", so I did haha

I hope you guys enjoy this!



Yoo Choonhee

Choonhee, she is a quiet girl in the school. She has no friends and likes to be in her little bubble. She doesn't get bullied, but people just don't talk to her. But, what if the guy that she likes comes in her life?

Hong Minchan

Minchan, he is the popular kid in the whole school. Everyone wants to be friends with him or wants to date him. He isn't social though, he likes to be alone just like Choonhee, but what would happen when he talks to Choonhee?


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