Love Happen

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Description: When Jungkook found himself stalked by his neighbor's cute daughter, he never foresaw the girl wanting same thing for her father as would Jungkook... yet Jungkook would argue he was not a peeping tom... nevertheless Saturday nights became his favorite time of the week... 

Main Pair: Jungkook + Jimin (JiKook)

Side Pairs: Hoseok + Taehyung (VHope- but only mentioned), Namjoon + Seokjin (NamJin)

Original Character: Rose (six year old girl), Kim Jaehyun (nine year old boy)

Genre: Fluff, Humor, Slice of life

Type: Chaptered

Rated: (Mildest ... so no worries >_<)

Disclaimer: The plot and development of the story is 100% from my own brain, so if you find a similar work, it could be coincidental or someone could be stealing my work therefore kindly let me know. Thankyu!

Copy Rights © FIRE FEERIE 2018, all rights reserved

^.^ Kindly restrain yourself from plagiarism, bashing and translating. ThanKyu ^.^

^.^ Read the story, comment on it and Up-Vote if you like, that shall make me very happy ^.^


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Last Bonus Chapter left... hopefully it would be uploaded in a couple of weeks :)


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Rb2012 #1
Chapter 11: Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk the end of bonus 2 is soooo funny
Chapter 11: Wow. Fluffy story. Ahhh don't be a cliffhanger. Plz update and complete the story.
XueXing #3
Chapter 11: Lol, Jungkook being a father sure is something. XD
Would be nice if you could do a few or at least one more bonus chap on when Rose and Jaehyun have grown up say like 17 or 18 years old and became a couple or something and Jungkook is still being cautious and grumpy about Rose having a boyfriend. =D
XueXing #4
Chapter 2: Pfft, Jungkook, if you think is unfair that Jimin has your number and you don't, why don't you ask for his number then. XD
ill_llamanati #5
Chapter 11: Kim Jae Hyun is here to stay XD
Chapter 10: Parent jungkook is being too cute for my own good omg my giant baby bunny!<3
Chapter 9: Epilogue already? TT
Chapter 6: Awwwuuuu~~! U never fail to make me grin like a fool while ogling the words on my phone screen! Y so sweet?
iamandie #9
Chapter 11: oh-em-gee! was not expecting that one.. :D
Chapter 11: Oh poor Jae hyun