This Golden Cage of Mine


Earth has been destroyed and with it the only home Minseok has ever known. A long journey leads him to a resettlement camp on the planet Evren and the promise of a new life, as long as he is willing to assimilate. When assimilation equates to an arranged marriage Minseok feels like he can't say no. What he doesn’t expect is to be married to a man who has been locked up for the majority of his life, a prince in a gilded cage.


The setting in this fic is partially inspired by the Imperial harem of the Ottoman Empire (titles, some names, and the kafe concept originates there). This fic has been a journey and it wouldn’t have been nearly as productive without the help of my betas and test readers. S, J, M, K, R, and A, you saved me with your ideas, your constructive criticism, and your willingness to hear me complain and ramble. Thank you guys, I owe you one. OP I hope I did your prompt justice, at least a little bit. Thank you for giving me an amazing idea to work with.

Written for EXOnaut round 2017


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Rb2012 #1
Chapter 1: Really really enjoyed reading the story
BlackHunnie #2
Chapter 1: I cried. Because I felt how genuinely intricate you wrote this. I can feel the care and passion of a true writer. It was really amazing. While Im on the edge of my seat with how intense some of the parts are, I cant help but think that wow, this is really written so well.
And I am just in love with this. This is probably my new xiuhan fave, maybe my new most fave fanfic ever. I felt magic in here.
I felt and sympathize with minseok. I too had felt the loneliness in a foreign land, though not cus of the same reason but that fear of being alone and unwanted but will try to be brave to survive, to get off of that lone world.
Luhan. His character is so mysterious, actually even up to finishing the story, I still want to read more about him. You wrote him so captivating. I love how you bared him, no family, no power beside him at first but also made him look strong.

Ugh. I didnt want this to end. I keep on looking at the bar on the side of my phone and I just dont want it to keep getting lower.

If you may, please write even short chapters, i would love to see their changes huhu.

This is one of the fics that I will always remember in my heart. Clenching it as I think about how beautiful the love and tragedy it is.

Thank you so much for writing this. Thank you.
Chapter 1: Omg this was amazing.
How luhan didn't open up at first because of his imprisonment. Their love had a slow sweet growth and how yifan's death was planned which was not at all expected. I almost cried when I read that luhan gave minseok up but holy I didn't expect this.
I also liked that minseok didn't return to luhan immediately and how luhan tried his best.
Gosh this was beautiful ToT
bora_xiuhan #4
Chapter 1: This is so beautifull I'm crying TT
bine84 #5
Chapter 1: Awesome
zereshki #6
it had a very good plot :)
ChocolateChipCooky #7
Chapter 1: I just read this whole story in 3 hours XD it is 3:40am right now and i just couldn't stop reading it till i was at the end! Seriously this was amazing! I loved all the twists and turns the story had and the character development and the secrets unraveling and gosh i know i am rambling but seriously it was amazing! <3
Chapter 1: Sooooooo wonderful story. I loved Soooooo much. I want more :)))
negin_eunhae_ #9
Chapter 1: The story was great, but am I the only one worrying about the king not having kids? I mean I'm sure Lu-ge loves gozte, but isn't a king's first priority thinking about the future of the country?
Chapter 1: I really enjoyed this story. The plot line is so unique and honestly kept me on my toes. Thank you for sharing this story with us. :)