Don't Recall

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❝ All the good that we had in your memories ❞

what you saying, I don't recall.   


KARD's last and new member, Jiwoo was introduced to the group. But KARD's existing member and acts a leader, BM and their new member, Jiwoo was a past lovers unfortunately Jiwoo can't remember it since she has a short term amnesia. BM didn't know about the sickness of Jiwoo and he thought Jiwoo just playing around with his feelings. If Jiwoo remembers about her past with BM, what is she going to do? And if BM found out about her sickness what will he do?


I turned away and walks out but BM hold my hand that stop me.

"What about us?" He said in almost begging tone of his voice. I feel so nervous. I stand still managing emotion. Gosh. I hate you for making me feel this way Matthew.

After a few seconds, I come to my senses. I let a chuckled out from my mouth and forcefully moved to face him.

"Us? Oh god BM. We don't have a thing like us!" I almost shouted, my voice is a full of hatred but you still can see my nervousness.

I won't be a fool again.

He froze by my reply and I take that chance to get away from his grip and it's good that it was success.

I don't want to hear his foolish explanations anymore. It fooled me once, but I swear I won't be a victim twice.

"But we used to be together, I just want us to be happy like we used to, Jiwoo." 

He turned to face my and set his palm against my cheeks and glued his small eyes to her.

I look at his eyes for a few seconds and yes, I know that look, I know he's realy sincere. I wanted to hug him, kiss him and put this hate aside but I also think about this pain in my heart right now.

"Let's make another good memories with each other like we used to. Can't we be like that?" 

I avoid his gaze and put my hands to the door of the taxi ready to open it.

I fixed my eyes for him for the last time, I know my eyes is full of emotions; determined and hatred.

"All the good that we had in your memories, what you say I don't recall."

I told him and open the door and get inside of it. I leave him with a hopeless look over his face.

I wanted to stop and go to him but this pain in my ruled over my brain.


Hello! Actually this is my first ever story i wrote and its about kard's song titled Don't Recall. Bwoo is not my main ship but while listening to their Don't Recall song i can't stop thinking about them too so I try making a story of them. Please be aware that english isn't my mother language so expect for grammatical errors and such. Enjoy reading!


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Minny679 #1
Chapter 2: Ya me estaba emocionando :'v
Chapter 2: I started liking the story goes than why you never update the story again...
Chapter 2: update plssss ㅠㅠ
dalesimon #4
I hate it when someone is tagged in a story and end up not even a part of that story,