Our Perfect Journey


A/N : Just  bunch of one shots regarding our beloved Leader Couple~ BTW, I'll make some  changes and that is I'll post some AUs here too but ofc our leaders as the main characters and maybe it'll be one shot or two shots?

Guys,the gd confirmation breaks my heart but we'll support him and his relationship! And I'll hold this story for awhile to get my gtae feels back sorry

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mzlyod 15 streak #1
Chapter 8: Love u too babe.. tq for the update..
Well i only love gd in fanfic.. lol
Gtae in fanfic, real life is bacon.. hahaha
jennia_lisaai #2
Chapter 7: so cute.....
Tygdlove #3
Chapter 7: Oh ji that was fast
Chapter 7: aww they're so cute. Is there going to be a part 3?
Tiatioot #5
Chapter 6: It's okay authornim, take your time :)
Tygdlove #6
Chapter 6: Oh ji is so cute
mzlyod 15 streak #7
Chapter 5: Our kwon manager !!!
mzlyod 15 streak #8
Chapter 4: Jiyongie is so cute
jisellediosa 172 streak #9
Chapter 5: Omg its oz cute ahha jiyongie is so protective
Tygdlove #10
Chapter 5: Ji is cute