Hey Playboy, Remember Me?



He took your ity and made you think that he actually loved you

But you found out that it was just a bet him and his friends made.

Heartbroken, you left and came back the next year completely changed.

You’re no longer the sweet, innocent nerd behind glasses anymore;

You’re y and fierce.

All the girls want to be you

And all the boys want you

You came back with one thing in mind:



You-  Kwon Cho Hee

              You used to be the nerd everyone picked on. Nice, caring, sweet, and smart, but that didn’t matter. You always got screwed over.

              You changed. You couldn’t handle the pain so you vowed to get revenge on a certain boy. You changed your name to Kwon Veronica.  Partying and drinking were now a part of your lifestyle. You are a total bad .

 Nam Woohyun-

              The that broke your heart. He's the school's hottie. He's a player and everyone knows it. 






Myungsoo a.k.a L




              You lost your ity to a boy that loved you- well you thought he did. It was nothing, but a bet him and his stupid friends made. Heartbroken, you left and returned the next year, but you’ve completely changed.  You even changed your identity. You were no longer the sweet, innocent nerd behind glasses that was always picked on; you were now y and fierce. You came back to get one thing: Revenge. That was the birth to the new you.

              Faking your identity, you came back as Kwon Veronica to hide who you are. When people asked, you told them that you were born in the states and came back to Korea to be with your parents.

              You came back to get revenge on the school's heartthrob, Nam Woohyun for breaking your heart. Your plan: Make him fall in love with you and break his heart as revenge. 

              Will your plan work out as well as you thought? Or will there be another problem that's getting in the way of your revenge?


I do not own Infinite or anything else, but the plot.
I came up with the plot after waking up from a dream and decided to finish it to my own personal taste.

So yeah, the usual, Don't plagiarize and stuff. 
This fic has some vulgar language. 
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Chapter 36: Update plsssssssssss
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Chapter 36: Please update
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Chapter 36: Is this story going to continue? Please please please. I love it
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Chapter 36: Please update more ^^ I really love your stories ^^ Fighting
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