She was his cure, his medicine. That missing piece he needed to complete himself, the girl who tamed his cocky self, the girl that taught him humility.

He was her savior, her hero. The hero she needed to escape from her living hell. The man who taught an innocent girl like her how to live in a world like this.

They were each other's saviors, each other's remedies. But they were nothing alike. He was her total opposite; rich, cocky, smart and handsome while she was all the rest. You can say that no two people were ever oddly matched for each other, but it was a match made in heaven. Even though they were opposites, they had one thing in common; they needed someone to complete them.

For 28 Days, they lived together, ate together and loved together. They were each other's sweet dreams that saved them from their nightmares.

But the thing about dreams is... they don't always last.


"I know the truth!" he said as he confonted me. His face was full of anger and determination. 

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"She's not your half-sister, she's not related to you in any way. I know you are keeping her against her will!"

Helloo everybody. So, in case you guys didn't know, this story came from my oneshot collection Like A Fool. I wrote this story based on a request for a Tzuyu X Male OC story and I originally planned this to be a oneshot but guess what.... my habit got the better of me again yayyyy. At least you get a long story from it haha. I will challenge myself to make the most out of this fic since I'm a lazy bum.


Lee SangJoon 'Jun' (You) - a fresh college graduate still learning how to cope with his newfound life.

Chou Tzuyu - an innocent young woman that fell victim to tragedy, leaving her as an orphan on the streets.


Soundtrack (Can still be updated): 

'I'm With You' - Avril Lavigne

'I Like You' - Day6

'Just A Dream' - Nelly

'Apology' - iKON

'Don't Leave Me' - Super Junior

'Letting Go' - Day6

'For You' - Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin

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[12/25/18] - False alarm guys. I forgot to press the "draft" button before saving my chapter.


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Chapter 17: A very interesting story author-nim, can't wait to see how it will unfold
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Chapter 17: Thanks for the update! :)
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Chapter 17: #teamchae
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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Yeay an update!! Thanks author. So, i 'm guessing that both wendy has feelings for jun.. . And why jun can't man up a little. I mean, if he told the truth to wendy, there is 50-50 chances either she will tell jun's father or help jun through out this mess. And update more author ?
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