Where fate leads


She was the total opposite of me. She was as bright as sunlight whereas I was dark as night. She was refreshing breeze of spring and I was as cold as snow. I've known that opposite attracts but never believed in it until she came. Fate was merciful enough for someone like her to love me but I was foolish for not accepting it and letting her go. If only I can turn the time or can make a wish I would wish to be with her for my lifetime. If only............

"The path you showed me was beautiful, But I wasn't brave enough to walk on it"


Your beautiful smiling eyes 
Which at first sight got me mesmerised.

The source of my light are your smiles 
Which guides me even if we are away a thousand miles.

Oh that look of love you got when seeing mine
Held me breathless and wanting to shine.

Every emotions you held inside for me
Makes me less deserving for your love thee.

And here I am oceans away from you
And thinking of the time that connected us two.

But even if we are miles apart
You hold the whole of my heart.

Why I committed such mistake, being a fool
Not wanting more than going back to your shadow's cool.

The heat that comes with this loneliness
Has gotten me so helpless 
Cant make you and me 'us'
Not having a choice but to repent thus.

Asking myself if we have another chance to be together?
For if yes, I want nothing more than this either.

Finally they are reunited. What do you think of their reunion? State in the comments below. Stay tuned to know what will happen next. See you in next update.

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I just love reading this story. Your writing style is very deep. Finally they are reunited and just can't wait for them going back together.
Salwation #2
The poem was so sweet ❤️ I like it
Salwation #3
Chapter 15: I really love this story I can’t wait for the next update ?
I changed the forward. This poem is written by me keeping in mind this story plot. First time writing poem, please bear with it.
thantthant7 #5
Chapter 14: I am sensing the problem will come soon?Keep going author-nim
thantthant7 #6
Chapter 13: Oh,finally,I'm glad she confessed and talked about her life..That is so rare to see haha XD
thantthant7 #7
Chapter 12: Both are lucky for having a friend like Yuri tho <3
I feel like Yoona is going to accept!!!
thantthant7 #8
Chapter 11: I pity to Seohyun :(...Why didn't Yoona accept the fact that she likes her too :(..Hope she can be honest to her in next chapter
thantthant7 #9
Chapter 10: They are starting to fall for one another I guess...Yuri is like a cupid between them XD..Thanks for the update :)
thantthant7 #10
Chapter 9: I wondered how they became lovers..I also wondered who confessed first?Must be Seohyun? XD