Let's Get Married!

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Where Oh Sehun wants to get married (or not).


And there's Luhan who wants to have a child of his own. 




A/N: It is mostly based on the Korean Drama ___. It's been so long since I've watched it but as I imagine it, i think the plot fits with hunhan so i want to give it a shot. Of course there will be modifications because hunhan's too precious. I don't own the characters. (But Sehun definitely owns Luhan and vice versa.) English is not my first language so forgive me and feel free to correct my mistakes. Also I can't promise to update regularly because schoolwork's been tough on me. I'm a busy university student but can't help it to write about my precious eomma and appa.


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Chapter 6: I'm back at here again natatawa parin ako hayup ka sehun🤣 and loey's entrance aksksskskksjs
Chapter 7: My gosh! I want to know what happen in the past between Chanyeol and Luhan, and Sehun is so whipped for Luhan now.. can't wait for the next chapter, and I wish Luhan to get pregnant soon, so I will get to see Sehun being overly protective and whipped for their baby. Keep up the good work author-nim, will be waiting for the next update. See ya!
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Chapter 7: I am really enjoying this story so far and with Chanyeol making a grand entrance, the plot definitely thickens. I can’t wait to see how our Luhan will juggle his two giants. Something tells me that Chanyeol has feelings for him as well. Looking forward to your next update.
Chapter 7: Sehun 😭 just tell Luhan whatever your feelings are, Don't stress him out like that😭😭 first u come in his life and make him your fiance blah blah blah, without listening to him that much, and now u are just taking over his life just like that 😭😭

I hope Chanyeol would be straightforward..
Chapter 7: Omg I'm stressed out. Luhan do something!
Chapter 7: OMG!!! The dominance of the 2 men. I am excited on what will happen next. How Chan will get Lu. The tug of war between the giants.
r u forgetting this fic authornim🥺
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Chapter 6: thanks for the update, looking forward to the next chapter ❤️
Chapter 6: I feel like chanbaek gonna happen after this.