Sequel of Spy Unnie : How are you?


What happen after Sowon left?

How GFriend continuing their life without their Leader-Unnie?


This is an after story of my 3rd fan fiction : Spy Unnie.

Enjoy it!^^

My first time to double update in a day.^^

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Chapter 21: Aww, i love how Sowon disciplined but yet caring for the girls. The members also started to understand Sowon's job scope better and not interfere with her business. Great sequel from you, author-nim. Umji cheok ?
Chapter 20: Thank you for this beautiful story,, I really love the scene between sowon and yuju,, its so heart warming....
I will wait more story from you author-nim
12 streak #3
Chapter 21: PB never broke her promises T^T

Thanx for this amazing story :33
Chapter 21: its....end already???T-T woahh i cant believe it..i still want to read more bout them..anyway,thank u so much for the story author nim (∩_∩)
kingzjacko #5
Chapter 21: Thanks for your great story, i will waiting for another story from you *cough* sequel *cough*
llamadodaeng 1 points #6
Chapter 21: Thank you for many great stories just like this one.Hope to see more Sowon fanfics in time to come!I enjoyed it greatly:)
suu777 #7
Chapter 21: Is it really the end,thanks for the great story,hope you will comeback soon with another story,hehe
Chapter 21: The End?? T_T thanks for this heartwarming fanfic authornim...
Chapter 21: Ahhh~~ thank you for this beautiful story author nim~~~~
Chapter 21: Thank you I love your story very much ❤