kissed and cursed


Irene's first kiss is cursed. Whoever her first is, she'll have to kiss that person at least once every day or she'll die.


A long time ago, there was a princess from the Bae family whose beauty was said to have rivalled that of a goddess.


Unbeknownst to them, the goddess Aphrodite was aware of the princess's title, as she was the one who blessed her to have such looks.


During a massive feast, the princess's father, in his drunken stupor, boasted greatly of his daughter. The king raised his goblet to the skies and claimed that his daughter should replace Aphrodite as the goddess of love. The princess begged her father to stop, knowing that his words would anger the goddess. But the man did no such thing. He demanded Aphrodite to cease her throne and instead give it to the princess.


Aphrodite was enraged. She went to the mortal world in a swoop of tornadoes and lightning, appearing before the king. She told them that in exchange of the blessing of good looks their bloodline shall receive, all the sons and daughters of the Baes will be cursed to kiss only one person in their lifetimes. A diamond mark shall appear on the bodies of those whose first kiss was taken; this mark will fade throughout a day, surely to disappear after exactly 24 hours. The only way to fill the mark is to kiss the person who was your first at least once a day.


Otherwise that person in the Bae family will die.




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