i. kiss

kissed and cursed


          “You are so young, Joohyun, but you have to know something about our family,” her mother held little Joohyun’s hands delicately, her eyes soft and sad.


          “What is it, mom? I’m old enough to know more about our family!” 5-year-old Joohyun proclaimed, all gaps-between-teeth and innocence.


          “Little Hyun, you listen carefully to your mother, okay?” Her father appeared, his windswept dark hair looking flawless as usual even though he had just jogged. “This is of utmost importance,” he said gravely.


          Joohyun nodded fiercely, for it must be serious for her father used such a tone.


          “You see, Hyun, your father had an ancestor—a very, very pretty princess,” her mother started slowly, and Joohyun nodded after every word. “This princess was famous for being gorgeous! For she really was blessed by the goddess Aphrodite!”


          “Apeuro—Apeurodaiti?” Joohyun almost bit her tongue trying to copy her mom. She wrinkled her brows, thinking that the name was familiar. Her eyes widened in realization seconds after. “Oh! The pretty goddess you’ve told me stories about!”


          Her mother bobbed her head in agreement. “Yes, Hyun, that pretty goddess. Now, this pretty goddess is really nice, to give the Baes the gift of being attractive—” Her father coughed at this comment before zipping his mouth because of a pointed look from his wife. “—but the king, this princess’s father, became too vain.”


          “Mommy, what’s vain?”


          “It’s when you’re too proud, honey. Now, his father told his people that his daughter was the prettiest, and that she should be the goddess instead. Now this made Aphrodite really angry and cursed the Baes.” Her mother explained in detail about the curse in a way little Joohyun would understand. And she did.


          “But why are you the one telling me this, Mommy? It’s Daddy’s anstor.”


          “An-ces-tor. That’s because your father is lazy and is terrible at explaining,” her mother said patiently with a sigh.


          Joohyun looked at her father. He shrugged, with no intention of denying anything.


          “That’s why you must be careful not to let your first kiss be taken by anyone that is not your future husband. Something really bad will happen if you didn’t kiss him after a day.”


          “Okay, Mommy!”




          5 years later, 10-year-old Joohyun was on the couch, doing her homework while watching the news. Despite being young, Joohyun was pestered by scouts to become an artist, or an actress, or a model due to her splendor. The blessing of Aphrodite worked almost two-fold on her, for only one in the town was prettier than her. (And that was actually her father, who still received letters and emails of companies begging him to be a part of their project. Sometimes even proposals from people all around the world.)


          Many had confessed to Joohyun already, only to be rejected immediately. She went through the back door of the school and avoided crowds, but most of her schoolmates still lined themselves up by the door of her homeroom to profess their love to her. Perhaps the only way she could go home without being kidnapped was because of her childhood best friend slash neighbor Seulgi, who had studied martial arts in order to fend off people with ill intention. Of course Joohyun was thankful for Seulgi’s existence, as the monolid girl was one of the few who didn’t give her the princess treatment, and the only one who Joohyun can sincerely call a friend.


          “Hyun?” Her father sat down beside her, looking troubled.


          “What is it, Dad?” Joohyun answered without looking up from her assignment, determined to finish it as soon as possible.


          “I have something to confess.” And to this she put down her pen and widened her eyes at her father.


          “Don’t tell me you accepted SME’s offer?”


          Her father chuckled. “No, it’s actually about the curse.”


          “Oh, what about it?”


          “There’s something I haven’t told you yet.”


          “Didn’t you guys tell me all about it before?” Joohyun frowned, recalling her mother’s first description of the curse years ago.


          “We didn’t tell you about this one thing because you were too young. Listen closely, Hyun. If you didn’t kiss your partner before the mark disappears—”


          “Something really bad happens, I know, Dad. You remind me every week.”


          “‘Something really bad’ is an understatement.”


          “What could possibly be worse than that?”


          “You die, that’s what. The people in our family who were too late to kiss their partners died as soon as the mark disappears.”


          “Oh. I know.”


          Her father gaped at her for a long time. “Excuse me, what?”


          Joohyun rolled her eyes and went back to her assignment. “I know about that already.”


          “Your mother and I were resolved to telling you this when you were older,” he blinked at her.


          “That’s why I asked grandma.”




          “Remember not to get kissed until you get married!” Her mother nagged from the doorway.


          “Yes, mom!” 13-year-old-Joohyun waved, raising her mask over her lips.


          “Are you going to wear that the whole day?” Seulgi asked, linking their arms together as soon as she closed the gate..


          “It hides me from the scouts,” Joohyun reasoned; and it really was the truth. Well, half of it. She also wanted to protect her lips from pubescent boys in her school.


          She told Seulgi about the curse three years later.





          “You wore a mask the whole day again. Doesn’t it get stuffy?” Seulgi asked curiously, trying to take it off of Joohyun’s face.


          Joohyun inclined. When the mask was pulled down to her chin, she took a deep breath, “It does, but I’m kind of used to it already.”


          “Of course you would,” Seulgi frowned, “you’ve been wearing a mask almost every day for the past 3 years. It’s a miracle you put up with it so long.”


          “16 is the age of hormonal irregularities, Seul. It’s dangerous—”


          “I know, I know.” Seulgi waved her off. “It’s dangerous for you because someone might just steal your first kiss and you’d be under your family’s curse—”


          “Shhh! Don’t say it out loud!” Joohyun clamped her hand over Seulgi’s mouth, who struggled in process. “Everyone is a potential curse-inducing-fiend!”


          Seulgi pried the other girl’s hand off her and leaned her face near Joohyun’s. “Even me?” She blinked innocently.


          “Okay, you’re not a fiend but you could still give me the curse so,” she pushed Seulgi’s face away.


          “Don’t worry, Joohyun! I’ll be here to protect you until your first kiss goes to someone you really like.” Seulgi smiled, and Joohyun found herself smiling as well, thinking that it would be fine if the two of them went against the world. She knew they could take it.




          Joohyun nudged Seulgi awake. “It’s time to go home, Seul. Come on,” she poked the other girl’s forearm.


          “Yes,” Seulgi answered absentmindedly. “On.”


          It didn’t even make sense. But that was Seulgi—sense only came half the time with the girl.


          “It’s late, Seul. I don’t want to go out when it’s dark,” she whispered, fiddling with her fingers in nervousness.


          Seulgi snapped awake. “I will protect Joohyun!” She raised her first, drool dripping from her chin.


          “That’s just nasty, even for you,” Joohyun wiped her friend’s drool with her handkerchief, shaking her head and laughing. She patted her shoulder and nodded to the door. “Let’s go, dummy.”


          “Okaaaaaaay.” The monolid girl took her bag and shouldered its strap, diligently following Joohyun out.




          “You’re turning 18 tomorrow. How is it?”


          “Same old, same old, Hyun. I want to skip highschool. Besides, I have the whole day planned already. You folks go to my place, sing the song, then the two of us are going to go to my room and play until the end of the day. Then we’re gonna sneak out through my window and go to the park and we’re gonna lie down on the grass and talk about stuff.”


          “That’s very detailed,” Joohyun raised her brows and looked incredulously at Seulgi.


          “It’s very easy to remember, really. We do it every year,” the other girl shrugged, and Joohyun wondered how smart Seulgi really was. “I only remembered doing one the first birthday I had with you. I wrote down your family going to my house first. Then I wrote the song-singing the next year because I forgot. And so on.” Nevermind.


          “Do you want to go out? Maybe a theme park?” she suggested, wanting only her best friend to be happy on her 18th.


          Seulgi frowned deeply at her. “No, there are too many people. And it’ll be distracting! I can’t protect you when I’m distracted.”


          Joohyun’s heart ached. It was Seulgi’s birthday, but she still thought first of Joohyun. She felt horrible—she was restricting Seulgi from enjoying a normal life because she had a face like this, and a stupid curse to boot. “You don’t have to think about protecting me tomorrow.”


          She raised her hand, stopping Seulgi from contradicting. “I’ll be fine, Seul. You’ve been protecting me for so long. I want you to be happy on your birthday. A day without worrying about me. I’ll be really careful. I’ll wear a mask and a hoodie! Maybe even glasses, I don’t know—”


          “Don’t—just… dress prettily, Hyun. We’ll have fun together. You’re too beautiful for hoodies and dark sunglasses.”


          “I don’t want to be a burden…”


          Seulgi kissed her forehead. “You’ll never be a burden, Hyun. You’re my best friend; I want you to be happy too.”


          The back of Joohyun’s eyes stung. “Okay. I’ll tell Dad we’re gonna go to the theme park tomorrow.”


          “You think he’s gonna say yes?” Seulgi opened the gate to Joohyun’s house.


          Joohyun kissed her friend’s cheek. “Duh. He has a soft spot for you. Good night, Seul.” She closed the gate and watched as Seulgi opened hers.


          “Good night, Hyun. Love you!” Seulgi shouted, metal clanging and friendship blossoming.


          “Love you too!”




          “Are you sure this is fine?” Joohyun played with the zipper of her leather jacket.


          Seulgi chuckled and patted the older girl’s head. “You look fantastic, as usual.”


          Joohyun could say easily say the same. Seulgi demanded attention with her gray cardigan over a plain white shirt and cream lowcut sneakers, contrast to her navy-blue jeans and shiny brown hair. Features innocent one second and fierce the next. (Seulgi received several invitations being an idol, as well.) Joohyun felt out of place with her jacket and striped shirt.


          “And hey! You wore the shoes I gave you!” Seulgi grinned, looking at Joohyun’s white platform sneakers.


          She smiled sheepishly, fixing her vintage round glasses. “Thanks.”


          “Noooo, I should be thanking you, Hyun.” Seulgi grabbed her wrist. “Let’s go around!”




          3 roller coasters, a horror house, 2 VR rides, a Viking ship, and a rotating house later, the two of them sat down the bench near an ice cream shop. Joohyun’s stomach felt like it was tortured and boiled alive; she decided water would be fine to calm her shaking knees. Trust Seulgi to go all the way with the extreme rides and near-death experiences.


          “Ice cream?” Seulgi offered, but Joohyun shook her head, not even trusting her voice to give a coherent response. “This is really fun!”


          She just nodded.


          “Hey there, beautiful,” three men came close, surrounding them. Joohyun immediately looked down and focused all her attention to her lap.


          “Hello,” her friend replied curtly, eyeing the three suspiciously.


          “Don’t worry, that’s for you too, sugar,” one of them added before laughing together.


          Seulgi flipped her hair. “Is there anything you need from us?”


          “Your numbers would be very much appreciated.”


          “No thanks. Our numbers are only for those important to us,” she snapped, and Joohyun flinched. She had heard Seulgi drive off other people like this countless times, but the biting retort of the younger girl always had her jumping in her seat. Because the Seulgi she knew wouldn’t say those things, or act like that. Once again, she felt like Seulgi was shackled to her with what she was doing.


          “Come on, beautiful. I know you want this.”


          “Hey, leave them alone!” A girl shouted, and Joohyun blinked back the tears. “They’re obviously not interested, you doofuses.”


          “Shut up, they’re with us,” the one nearest Joohyun snarled.


          “If you don’t want me to call security, I suggest you back off,” another girl bit back fiercely. The two saviors must have been together.


          The three unwanted guests grumbled in disapproval, but they left the two girls alone.


          “T-thanks,” Joohyun stuttered.


          “No problem,” their saviors came closer, but Seulgi held Joohyun’s hand.


          “If you think we’re grateful for this, then you’re right. But we won’t do anything outrageous in return!” Seulgi spoke in a manner that was either intimidating, or comedic.


          “Psh,” the girl laughed. “Seulgi, please. Outrageous is something out of my comfort zone. Besides, this Twitter buddy of yours wishes you a happy birthday.”


          “Happy birthday, dumbo,” the other one added.


          “Seul—?” Okay now this was weird—the other girls knew Seulgi, but it looked like the recognition wasn’t mutual.


          “Ohmygosh, Yeri? Joy?” Nevermind.




          Define awkward? Joohyun in the presence of Seulgi with Yeri and Joy. The three rambled on about stan twitter, blogs, and idols she couldn’t recognize. Some Beeyawn-person sent Seulgi swooning, and another grande girl made Yeri shriek, and Joy wasn’t really into those but she did throw nasty side comments. Joohyun had no idea who they were. Or why this new girl was so into people working with coffee.


          “Oh gosh, thanks a lot earlier,” Seulgi jumped around.


          “No problem, buddy!” Yeri looked over her shoulder. “You on a date or something?”


          Joohyun’s head shot up and her eyes widened. “N-no! She’s my best friend!”


          A cocky smile went up Joy’s lips. “Finally, the mysterious person spoke. I’m Joy, nice to meet you. This little brat is Yeri.”


          “I-I’m sorry—for—I haven’t introduced myself—” Joohyun felt like her brain was overheating. Maybe in a way it was.


          Seulgi calmed her down by putting a hand on her arm. “This is Irene, but her real name is Joohyun. She hides from some people, you see. I’m sure she’s also glad to meet you. She’s shy.”


          Yeri’s face lit up. “So she’s the Irene you’ve been talking about! Wow, I feel bad for not realizing it earlier.” She went closer to the girl mentioned. “Wow,” she exclaimed again, “you really are pretty!”


          (Insert blushing girl with anime-like steam coming from her ears because what was what it looked.)


          “I told you so,” Seulgi said proudly. “You see, Yeri and Joy here are some peeps I met over twitter. They’re good friends of mine, so don’t be afraid, okay, Hyun?”


          Joohyun nodded lamely.




          “Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!”


          What in tarnation was going on she doesn’t remember going to the mixer AT ALL where is this even and how many did she drink already and wow who are all these people they better not be mean people but it’s kinda fine since Seulgi was with her—


          “My head hurts,” Joohyun rubbed her temples, swaying badly. “Seul, my head hurts.”


          Seulgi’s pupils were dilated. “Drink some water, Hyun,” she wrapped a necktie on her forehead. (Joohyun didn’t even know where the tie came from.)


          “Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!”


          Joohyun peeked and found a college boy gulping down a whole glass of whatever-alcohol it was.


          “I thought up of a celebration for you, Seulgi!” Yeri beamed, grinning excitedly.


          “Oh gosh, really?” Seulgi gasped. “You shouldn’t have!”


          “Nonsense. I grabbed our other twitter buddies and decided to go to a party together!”


          “Party—?” Seulgi immediately looked at Joohyun, who gave a small smile.


          “It’s okay, Seul. Happy Birthday.”


          “Then I guess it’s okay…”




          The memory exploded in Joohyun’s head, and she was so close to throwing up already.


          “Jesus, are you okay?” A black-haired girl rubbed her back in small, comforting circles.


          She shook her head lightly. “I think I’m dying.”


          “That’s just being drunk,” the other girl laughed. “Come on, I’ll bring you outside. You need some fresh air.” And with her help, Joohyun staggered towards the door.


          “Youuuuu take care of her, Wen!” Seulgi called out, waving at them. ‘Wen’ answered with a thumbs up.




An hour ago…


          “I hope you don’t mind. There are a lot more people than what you probably imagined,” Joy casually lounged on a long sofa, getting comfortable on a room they rented to celebrate the party.


          “Yeah, I mean, there’s just gonna be around, what, 15 of us?” Yeri stretched, getting ready.


          “That is an awful lot,” Seulgi commented, probably not believing that so much of her online friends were here.


          Joohyun bit her lip. She just had to calm down and survive through the night, then she’ll be fine. It’s just a couple of people. They won’t harm her. They’re people Seulgi knew.


          It’ll be fine.


          And it was like Seulgi read her mind. She held Joohyun’s hand and smiled brightly at her. “It’ll be fine, Hyun. I’m here.”


          Easier to say when the crowd appeared ten minutes later, holding party poppers and cakes and streamers and then it was like everyone parted and—OH.


          “Hyun!” Seulgi ran to her, her arm on another girl’s shoulder. There was a mischievous smile on her face.


          Only it wasn’t just another girl, and Joohyun was 100% sure that Seulgi knew that this wasn’t just another girl, especially to her and wow she looked amazing as usual but she wasn’t used to seeing her this close since Joohyun mostly just gazed from afar and admired alone.


          “Wendy, this is Joohyun. Hyun, Wendy. But you most probably know her as Irene, school visual.” Seulgi didn’t even hold back. Joohyun wasn’t exactly sure if she’d be thankful or if she’d start planning on how to smack the girl later.


          Joohyun gulped. But nevertheless, she gave a wave. “Nice to meet you, Wendy.”




          “I am never going to do that again,” Joohyun heaved, hugging her stomach after her second vomit.


          “Is this your first time drinking, unnie?” Wendy asked worriedly, holding Joohyun’s hair.


          Joohyun patted her shoulder. “Please, Joo—I mean, Irene is fine,” she replied weakly. Wow, since when did eyes trap stars and smiles chain moonlight?


          “Whoah, Irene,” Wendy grabbed her when she was about to collapse. “Hold on to me.”


          Hearing her say her name sent a chill down her spine and maybe more spins in her brain.


          Then things went too fast and she was too confused and her head was still spinning but suddenly their lips were tied together and maybe it was that short moment when Joohyun opened her eyes and the light hit Wendy’s face that she woke up.


          She shoved Wendy backwards before covering her lips.


          Oh god. She’d been too careless—


          The spot between her collarbones seared with pain, and she gasped wildly. Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod.


          Aphrodite seemed to bless her with complete sobriety because Joohyun found herself running back to Seulgi and dragging her away, begging to go home. Seulgi didn’t even think twice, with the older girl’s face began to be streaked with tears.


          “Seul, what do I do?” Joohyun sobbed against Seulgi’s chest while they rode through a taxi.


          “We’ll do something about this, Hyun. I promise.”


          They slept in each other’s arms that night.




          Joohyun never bothered to show her emotions when she was in school. She’d wear that polite face she practiced everyday in front of the mirror, do tasks given by her teachers efficiently and quickly. Act like she wasn’t afraid of the stares and the glances and the predatory smiles she received. Then she’d run back to the lower grades and look for Seulgi and hope that no one would bother her.


          But that one time she rounded the corner and bumped into someone changed everything. Her mask fell and so did she, ending up sitting on the floor and rubbing her throbbing nose.


          “Oh gosh, are you okay?” A sweet voice made her look up and she thought she lost her voice for a moment because she couldn’t give out an answer. “You’re not hurt, are you?”


          Soft brown eyes that held sparkle and care distracted her, even while those eyes blinked uncomfortably. “Umm…”


          Bless Aphrodite she snapped out of it. “Ah, yeash—” That was embarrassing! Aphrodite was surely playing with her! “Yes, I mean. Yes. I’m quite alright. Are you okay?”


          A bright smile, and Joohyun wondered if seeing flowers blooming around someone was normal. “I’m fine. I’m sorry for what happened!” The girl bowed lowly. Her eyes glanced behind Joohyun and when she looked back at her, the apology was still written on her face. “You’re bleeding!”


          Joohyun wasn’t sure what the girl was talking about because really, she was feeling fine. Rather spectacular, even. She felt like she was floating, or maybe rolling on clouds.


          The girl was fumbling in her pocket and out came a handkerchief with a big blue W sewn on the corner. Cute girl wiped on her nose, and when she pulled away there was crimson on the fabric and Joohyun instinctively covered her nose, only to wince.


          “Don’t touch it,” the girl said softly, and Joohyun’s arms became melted butter, falling to her sides. “I don’t think I can come with you to the clinic right now, is it okay? Can you go there on your own?”


          Joohyun squeaked a yes. And the girl then, with her brightness, made her hold the handkerchief. “You need this more than I do. Go straight to the clinic, okay? I’ll be there in an hour. Be careful!” She started jogging away, only to quickly turn and go back in front of her.


          “You dropped this, by the way.” Ah. It was her face mask. The girl started jogging away again, and Joohyun still couldn’t comprehend what happened. “Oh, and you’d do better without the mask, I think. You’re pretty!”


          She didn’t know how long she was staring at nothing, because the bell suddenly rung and Seulgi was behind her. “Hyun! Sorry I was late the line for melon bread was long and woah! What happened to you?”


          Joohyun’s didn’t know if it was the girl or her nosebleed but her face suddenly felt hot. She gripped the handkerchief tightly, blinking as the world suddenly spun and her legs started shaking. “Dizzy…”


          “I’ll get you to the nurse, Hyun, keep it together.”




          “Ah, you’re finally awake!” Seulgi was doing her assignment on the nurse’s table when she saw Joohyun sit up. And Joohyun was pretty sure her friend wasn’t supposed to casually sit on the nurse’s chair and do her homework on the table but pain suddenly went through her head and the scold was forgotten.


          “Ow,” she rubbed her temples.


          “You fainted, Hyun. Good thing you’re light, so carrying you was fine. But what happened?”


          “I think I had a nosebleed…?”


          “You did. Geez. Oh! Wendy came by earlier. Said she was sorry and that she’d give you cookies tomorrow. She hopes you’ll feel better.”




          “Wendy. My classmate? Dark hair, meme face, singer?”


          Joohyun made a face. Who?????


          Seulgi sighed. “The girl who you collided with, Hyun.”


          Ah. Right. OH. So that was her name. “Tell her thanks. I mean, for the cookies, not the getting hit on the face part.”


          “Why not do it yourself? She’ll be the one to give you the cookies anyway. Ah, she bakes well too!”


          Oh no, she couldn’t. She’ll surely get flustered again and—wait. Flustered? Again? When was even the first time? Wow, Wendy was confusing her a lot more than what she had thought possible. Not that she gave it a thought. Not that she was thinking of Wendy. Not at all.


          “Can you get them for me, Seul? I’m planning not to go to school tomorrow. I’m going to rest since I don’t want to faint in school again,” it was a lame excuse, and probably a rude one to Wendy but Joohyun wasn’t entirely sure it was healthy for her to see her friend’s classmate again.


          A confused look passed through Seulgi’s eyes, but she nodded nevertheless. “I asked my dad to fetch us, by the way. He’ll be here in a few. Can you stand?”


          Joohyun nodded. She was feeling better than before, but she didn’t want to tire herself, so she walked slowly towards Seulgi, who had started packing up.


          “You know, Hyun, if I hadn’t known you better, I could’ve said you’re avoiding Wendy. She’s really sweet and understanding. A bit motherly, you know.” Seulgi glanced at her. “If I hadn’t known better, I could’ve said you liked her.”


          ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION. Joohyun didn’t answer, and Seulgi snickered.


          “Don’t worry. I’ll give you her schedule so you know where to look.”


          “Thanks,” she said awkwardly.


          “No prob. I’ll be the best wingman—or wingwoman???—I don’t know. But you get my point.”


          Joohyun wanted Seulgi to shut up then and there because she was too embarrassed like this and yes, maybe she did like this Wendy person a little bit, but why was it that Seulgi, an airhead, became attentive now? She couldn’t help but pout, because even if Seulgi barely made sense most of the time, she made sense when it came to her liking someone.


          “Set your priorities straight, Seul.”


          “What do you mean?”










          And two years later, Seulgi will prove herself to be the best indeed. For as the night roared black and the parties came to an end; as the pair of friends who were like siblings slept soundly, to miss the constant ringing of the phone of one of them, Wendy flashing on the screen for several minutes; and the caller, intoxicated, confused and worried, who touched her lips several times while waiting for her call to go through, wondered if her friend’s friend was the one who had kept her handkerchief from years ago.


          Seulgi never realized it immediately, but she helped write a story of love and passion.


          Of kisses and curses.


          Maybe that was what Joohyun had mentioned to her before. Setting her priorities straight. (And wow. Straight was not the outcome.)






Yep. Bye. I tried. Idk this genre tbh I mean, there's a bit of angst????? fluff??? maybe a lil crack too???

i dont know. are yall okay w it?

also, happy birthday to our beloved Joy! <3

i missed doing this but /THROWS COOKIES EVERYWHERE

ps: yes, wenrene's first moment was 2 years prior the time of the story. or is it still confusing omg idka huhu

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