My Ex-Boy


Yuna was waiting outside in the rain, with only a large raincoat and a bag of her lunch. She watched as the cars and people passed by, rushing to get to wherever they had to be. She looked around the place she called home and sighed. Although it was her home, she hated being there. It was boring to her to stay in a place for too long. She hoped one day she’d make it big, and move to Seoul.

Her thoughts were shaken as a vehicle pulled up against the curb, almost splashing water in her way. Furrowing her eyebrows, she opened the door and hopped in.

“You idiot, you almost splashed me” she scowled towards her friend who sat in the driver's seat.

“Looking at how you are now, it wouldn’t have made a difference. You’re soaked to your socks” Hyungwon said rolling his eyes.

“Please, if you weren’t a model, I’d punch you right here” she dramaticized while taking aim at the left side of his jaw.

“You wouldn’t hurt a fly” he spat back unamused. Hyungwon was right, Yuna was so frail and small that she wouldn’t leave a dent on something even if she tried hard enough.

“So did you get him anything?” Hyungwon asked curious. “You do know tomorrow is his birthday, and we’re all going out?”

Yuna bit her lip and made an awkward gesture with her arms. “As if I’d forget. I’m the one who suggested the restaurant we go to” she sighed.

“Why do you do this to yourself? You know he has a girlfriend” he laughed.

Yuna’s cheeks burned as she thought about it. The fact was that she was in love with her close friend, Wonho, and had always tried to do big things on his birthday. The disappointing part was that he had a girlfriend. Yuna didn’t mean to intrude, nor did she have any intentions to ruin the couple, but she couldn’t get herself to stop liking him.

“He’s my friend Hyungwon. I’m not just being nice because I-”

“I get it, I get it. You always clarify yourself so you don’t sound like a bad homewrecking wench” he interrupted as she slid further down into the passenger seat.  

Hyungwon noticed how sad Yuna had gotten and turned the music up a bit. “Don’t worry, we aren’t picking him up this morning, so you don’t have to waste another embarrassing car ride of you not really talking to him” Hyungwon had a way of sounding so sassy but at the same time so comforting.

As Hyungwon pulled into the student parking, Yuna couldn’t help but notice a boy with a cold look, wandering her way. He had blonde hair, and was fitted in a black leather jacket. Hyungwon, noticing everything as usual laughed.

“Don’t mess with him. Lee Jooheon? He’s affiliated with the local gang” Hyungwon said while rolling up the car windows.

“Since when did he come to this school?” Yuna asked, eyes still following the rugged mans.

“Forever. He always has night classes. But I guess this year he’s sticking to day time”

“And how the hell do you know that?” Yuna asked raising an eyebrow. Hyungwon was one of the popular students at Marrow University. The fact was, he was a famous model, one that many of the girls admired. Hyungwon, however showed little interest to them, neither anyone at the school. To which, it wasn’t a surprise he knew everyone.

“We used to go to the same elementary school before he was transferred. His dad is also coworkers with my dad” there was little to no effort in his explanation, almost as if Yuna was supposed to already know that.

They pulled into a stall nearby the school entrance. “Does his dad know about his gang activity?”

“Doubt it. I wouldn’t be surprised if his dad was affiliated with a gang as well…”

Just as they got out of the car, another, bright red mercedes car pulled beside them. Glancing over, Yuna couldn’t help but blush a little. Wonho was exiting from the passenger side. Next to him, a long haired brunette with sunglasses waved goodbye.

“Talk about timing” Hyungwon chuckled while throwing an obvious glance in Yuna’s direction. One at which she quickly shut down with a glare.

“I’ll see you after my swim meet” Wonho smiled towards the female as she drove off, speeding off to god knows where. Yuna had no intentions of knowing.

“What is that...the third night at her house?” Yuna managed to tease, although she felt a slight pang of jealousy. Wonho only gave an uneasy smile while scratching the back of his head.

“Ani. She was having problems so I came over last night. She told me that the drive back home would be too far and asked me to stay…” he admitted while shyly changing the subject.

“Perks of dating older I see. I’m surprised she hasn’t asked you to move in with her yet” Hyungwon nudged the man while leading the way. Yuna liked the trio they had going on. It had been that way ever since middle school. Hyungwon, had bumped into her in the hallways, and their books got switched. Although it sounds like something that would happen between a couple in a korean drama, it was the exact opposite. Yuna was late to a math exam, and Hyungwon was on his way to...well he didn’t specify. All she remembered was he was extremely mad, and yelled at her for being stupid. Wonho, at the time was the hall monitor, and gladly helped the both of them calm down. It wasn’t until Yuna accidently took Hyungwon’s first edition model catalog, that he decided to dramatically press charges.

The importance of the magazine was that it was his first shot as a model, and he was quite embarrassed at the thought that anyone at the school would see it. Wonho, having to plead as a witness, once again defused the anger bomb in Hyungwon, and the three of them became friends surprisingly. Sometimes Yuna even wondered what would have happened if Wonho wasn’t there to keep them from clawing each other’s eyes out.

“So Yuna, any plans this weekend?” Wonho asked while taking a glance at the shorter female. Yuna, who was clearly spacing out, felt both eyes on her.

“What...nothing why”

“There’s a dance workshop, and I was wondering if you and your brother wanted to come with” he smiled.

Yuna cringed. “There’s no way I’m letting Shownu tag a long” she complained. Within seconds, she could spot her brother in the corner of her eye.

“And why not?” he asked dumbfounded. “Wonho, I’d gladly take you up on your offer” he smiled while turning back to Yuna.

“You don’t have to baby me, oppa. Wonho, he doesn’t need to-”

“Silly silly sis, I’m teaching the workshop on Saturday anyways...I’d she you there regardless” he smirked while turning back to Wonho.

Placing a hand on his shoulder he smiled. “Can’t wait to see you there bro”.

Shownu was typically a dad figure, as well as a crazy protective older brother figure towards Yuna. He hated when Yuna talked to guys, but he loved Wonho and Hyungwon like he was a dad.

“Okay okay, enough. Don’t want anyone speculating we’re actually friends or worse related” Yuna rolled her eyes while pushing Shownu away from the other two boys. Shownu laughed and whispered back. “Just marry the guy already. He has my blessing” he chuckled, knowing full well she couldn’t. Giving one last punch before walking away, Yuna headed to her classroom.

“Great...math. It’s one of my worst subjects apart from the sciences...or English...history... or basically anything unrelated to dance” she thought to herself as she hurried along to pick her seat. Yuna was the type to daydream, and it as a good thing she chose to that one day.


[ Looking for a tutor? Say no more! Claim a study buddy today at XXX-XXX-XXXX ]


Immediately after class, Yuna was up and on her phone dialing the number. When there was a reply Yuna became still.


On the other end, she heard a younger boy, sounding around her age answer.

“Hello? May I ask who this is?” he asked, still waiting for a reply as Yuna remained silent.

“This is Yuna...I’m in MTH 212 and was wondering if I could seek help from a tutor? I’m struggling terribly and just need someone to help” she pleaded.

There was a chuckle on the other end as the man continued. “Gladly. I can meet you whenever you’re free...in fact...how about now?” he asked sounding as if he had checked the time somewhere.

“Now?” Yuna thought as she looked at her lunch schedule. Although it cut into it, she couldn’t help but feel that her math grade was more important than stuffing her face. Quickly she took her belongings and headed to the location where the person said to meet.


A/N: Hello hello friends! Hope you enjoyed the first short episode of Yuna coming back to school for her last year. Let me know how it is!


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Chapter 1: I can tell already that this is going to be a good story. Can't wait for the next chapter! :D