Multitales: BangtanMin (A Collection of BTSxMin-shots)

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The third installment of my MultiTales Collection series. This one is dedicated to Min and BTS where I pair her up with each member in a Drabble or Oneshot at least once. The genres will vary depending on the series theme and will be divided into seven seperate books. Each book will contain seven tales and each tale will vary from the one prior. I will be dividing the collection into short series, where each member will have an installment with Min. Fourty-nine tales/chapters in total. You can scroll down for more. ^^ Hope you enjoy! <3
Book One: Romantic/Fluff Tales

V | JIN | RAPMON | JHOPE | name | name | name 
Book Two: Supernatural/Horror Tales
Jin | RapMon | Jhope | name | name | name | V
Book Three: Cliché Tales

RapMon | Jhope | name | name
| name | V | Jin 
Book Four: Angst/Tragic Tales
Jhope | name | name | name | V | Jin | RapMon
Book Five: Unfaithful Tales

name | name | name | V
| Jin | RapMon | Jhope
Book Five: Fantasy/SciFi Tales

name | name | V | Jin 
| RapMon | Jhope | name
→Book Six: Cover (anime,drama,song,film,story) Tales

name | V | Jin | RapMon | Jhope | name | name  
Book Five: Revisited Tales

name | name | name | name
| name | name | name
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as you read...

Make sure to keep in mind which fics are your favorite. Only one for each member but it can be whatever tale from any book. I will have a special REVISITED BOOK where I will go back and revisit those stories with either a sequel or prequel.

10/21/2017: Upvote (3) Subscribe (26) Views (360) I hope you're all enjoying the collection so far and if you are please do not hesitate to leave me an upvote. I would love to hear your feed back, get your thoughts or maybe a storyline request so please leave a comment. Thank you, again. Love you!
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