Underground Rapper

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Woo Jia is the younger sister to Ji-ho (Zico) and Ji-seok (Taewoon), but she is way more shy than them. She doesn't have many friends because of that. 

Ji-ho is well known in the underground rap scene and takes his sister and his friend, Kyung, to some of his performances. At one of the performances, Jia meets Mino and he gets interested in her after the one encounter. So, he starts to do everything he can to win her over.


"Good morning, Kyung-oppa." I smile back at him. "How are you?"

"I am fine." I can feel his brown eyes just staring at me. "Are you coming with us tonight?"

I stare at him and shrug my shoulders. "I don't know. Depends on how much homework I get tonight."

Kyung puts his arm around my shoulders causing me to blush. "Come on, you're the top student in your grade; I think you could use some time to yourself," he says.

"I don't want to interrupt your night," I state. I fix my book bag straps as Kyung laughs. "Why do you guys always laugh at me?" I feel my face heat up even more.

"Jia, you won't be interrupting the night, you'll be enhancing it," Kyung says.

I glance over to Ji-ho, who smiles and nods at me. "You should come," he says.

I exhale and nod in agreement. "I'll go," I sigh. 

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Chapter 16: cool story!
DandeLiona #2
Chapter 33: What did Zico said to Mino? and I can't wait for the date in the next chapter~
DandeLiona #3
Chapter 32: Ah they really just study. I'll wait for the date,, :)
DandeLiona #4
Chapter 31: omg this family is so funny ??I just have one brother and I think he is enough ?
DandeLiona #5
Chapter 29: Omg I love this story, now is the time to find out what happen to Mino's family?
DandeLiona #6
Chapter 28: I need another chapter~
But thanks for the update Author-nim
DandeLiona #7
Chapter 27: I hate Bada, Mino need to push Bada harder, or just kick her. There are view grammaticall error from the previous chapters but, it's getting better. If you still have problem with it, you can use Grammarly. I ussualy use that to check my grmmar. Hwaiting, I'll wait for you update ?
stellarevelations #8
Chapter 22: I just wanted to tell you I love this fanfic. Keep up the amazing work~ I'm wondering when Minho will confess but at the same time, the fact that he hasn't keeps the anticipation going hehe. Jia is so cute and such a relatable character which is rare to find in fanfiction these days. ^^
Keep up the awesome work :)
Chapter 7: Why is this me on so many things lol