『 ♫ The8 ¤ Seventeen 』

「 kkum kkum ✖ an idol picture gallery -- working on requests ! 」
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birth name: Xu Minghao
stage name: The8
birth day: November 7, 1997
ethnicity: Chinese

company: Pledis Entertainment
group: Seventeen
former groups: n/a
position: lead dancer, vocalist

height: 178 cm (x'x")
blood type: O

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「 horizontal 」

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Ngl kinda stalking lol. And you have Ryosuke Yamada ♡.♡
Chapter 10: this is sO GREAT I LOVE

i'll be using some of jiu's pics :')) thanks love!
Chapter 37: my baby uwu
Chapter 21: SCREAMS YAMADA. And I’m so happy to see some dreamcatcher girls too!
Hello ^^
Can I request for Day6's Park Jaehyung and Monsta X's Lee Minhyuk?
Thank you, and please take your time.
ongtimushwang #6
hello i tried to look for the rules for requesting but there seems to be none? so do i just comment? can i please request for ong seongwu and lee taeyong? thank you in advance ^_^
Chapter 10: i love jiu's red hair omff.

(btw, just wanted to point out those gifs are of yoohyeon)
Oh my yes, queen jiu.
Chapter 9: astro and dreamcatcher getting some love, cries.