you are familiar (in ways that i'm looking for)

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The smile drops, but only slightly. There’s something off about it now, like the stranger knows something Kihyun doesn’t, like he knows something sad, something disheartening, and he’s only just able to keep it to himself.

“You would be an incredible angel.”


“You’re clear to me, despite my blurry vision
It’s another night of sleeping with the lights low

You are familiar in ways that I’m looking for,
A silent figure, a vapor that looms beyond

You turn to me in slowing motion,
And both of us are curious

You’re looking me over (me over)

“You Are Familiar” -- Secret & Whisper


Weeks late, but who needs a set posting schedule? Not me. Don't look at me like that.

This story -- “you are familiar (in ways that i’m looking for)” -- is the second of the new works I’ve done that I’ll be posting here. They were originally posted to Ao3 under my username MinSeulgi, so if you’ve read this before (or any of the others in this series or on the account), please don’t shoot me a hateful message accusing me of theft. I promise, this is my work.

At the time that I wrote this, it was the second longest thing I’d written in approximately five years, was completely unbetad (which has, unfortunatley, become something of a norm for me, as it's difficult for me to find and keep a beta reader), and was my second submission to the monbebe fandom as far as fanworks go. This was also for this fic bingo that a friend of mine was hosting, the second in my set of five. As of this moment, this story is still unbetad. Sorry. 

As of this moment in time, this is a chaptered fic with no real structure to it because trying to outline this monster is like trying to catch mist with your bare hands. Originally it was supposed to be a one-shot sort of deal, a comical Halloween-oriented short. I'm not sure how it changed into this. Okay that's a lie. It changed because I thought of Hoseok as a demon, and Kihyun as an angel, and Stuck concept photos and MV existed and I have a terrible weakess for angel/demon fics and school+fics? And then what started as a humorous Halloween short became a very angsty slowburn school fic. Regardless of the why, I blame Hoseok completely.

originally posted: August 14, 2016 



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