Long Road Home


    long road home
“Keep grinding that axe on the stone -- you'll find it, that long road home.”

burn this city to let them know we’re here
burn this city to reinstall the fear
how can I sleep when you pull focus
right before my eyes
still they find another way to put a different gun to our heads
and so I take a breath there’s plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead
is this the only way it’s ever gonna be
right before my eyes




What am I doing, starting another fic?

I don't know. But I'll take the muse to write when and where I can get it.

This idea what taken from here. The creator of the edit asked in the tags
for someone to write this, so even though I'd like to (and probably will) 
roleplay the idea with a friend as an AU, I'm going to write a set of drabbles.
She also made the edit that I'm using as the main image. It's the first edit
of the set. As I do have a fairly busy life right now, I don't know when I'll
be able to update, but it'll be as often as I can.

Below, as always, I will have an updated list of the prompt of each drabble
and possibly the name of the pairing (if there is one) or the name of
whoever is featured most prominently or is narrating the drabble. Basically
my general modus operandi. Anything marked with * means it's rated M.

Also, please note that these drabbles are all unbeta'd. All mistakes are mine,
as they are written in WordPad, which lacks spell check and all those other
fancy things, and I am the only beta/editor that sees each drabble before
it is posted. So yeah, my bad.

In any case, hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


i. pride  ---


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