Chapter Two

Misconception -Jeon Jungkook-

The next day I was rudely awakened by my gawking alarm clock, I groaned a bit as I sat up and stretched and said a tiny prayer to start off my day, Today I had to get ready for another day of university classes. I got up out of my bed and opened the blinds to my window to let in some natural sunlight I squinted as the sun's rays pierced through my window lighting up my room. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, then took a quick shower and got dressed In my room. I picked up my red book bag lying on the floor and headed downstairs.

I saw my mother and father sitting at the table with distressed looks, they weren't looking at each other and it was drastically quiet, they must've had an argument.. I thought to myself. I then decided to break the Ice.

"Im Heading Off To Uni" I Said, I heard my mom utter a soft 'okay' and my dad saying nothing in return but I just ignored that and left the house without eating breakfast since I usually am not hungry in the morning. I drove off the university and got out of the car and walked through the school doors, I walked down the halls which were full of students walking around trying to get to their designated area, I then heard someone call my name. 

"Jihye!" I heard a familiar voice call my name, I turned around and saw my friend lisa and her boyfriend taehyung, I walked up to her and she greeted me with her cheeky smile.

"Hey Lisa, Hey Taehyung" I said greeting the both of them, Taehyung smiled at me.

"Hey Jihye" He replied, the three of us engaged in a bit of small talk before parting our ways trying to get to our classes before the bell rang. As I was walking to class my folder than fell out of my hand and landed on the floor, one of my assignments came out the folder, I bent down and picked up the assignment and saw it was only halfway finished.

"Crap!" I muttered to myself, I forgot to finish my literature assignment and that was my first class, I swiftly picked up my folder and walked into the girls bathroom and went inside a stall, I closed the lid of the toilet and sat on top of it and took out a pencil from my folder and attempted to finish my assignment, the bell than rang and I let out a sigh I knew I was going to be late because of this assignment but I kept on writing quickly not caring how sloppy it was.

The bell than rang again, now I was defiantly late but I kept writing until I was finished. I then stood up and put my assignment and pencil in my folder and came out of the bathroom.

I walked quickly down the now quiet hallways all of the students must be in class by now, but then I heard a shout. 

"Hey!" I heard and I turned my head to see a guy with dark hair and light skin, he was starring right at me and walked right up to me, he then pushed me into a wall, making my back hurt a bit I let out a little whimper but then I got a hold of his wrist. 

"Who are you? get off of me!" I said, but he didnt move. 

"Did you try to threaten our company?, What is your father planning to do?! Tell me now!" He whisper-shouted, I knew this guy from nowhere , all I could figure was that he was apart of the company we were against. 

"Jimin, Stop." We both turned our heads to the voice to See Jungkook approaching us he stood next to the guy whose name was supposedly Jimin. 

"I Got It, Just Go Continue Skipping classes" Jungkook said to him 

"Are you sure?, I Could handle her?" He said

"Im sure, go" jungkook said reasurringly

Jimin then nodded and left giving me one last glare, Jungkook's attention then averted to me once he left. 

"What are you doing out of class?" He said.

"I could ask you the same thing." I remarked. 

"I was just heading from the office, since I was late to school" He said. "I never saw you skip a class, Jihye are you starting now? where is this rebel coming from?" he chuckled.

"No Im Not skipping, Its none of your business really" I said, quite annoyed. 

"Speaking of business, your dad Is not Intending on putting you in the battle field right?" he said.

"Well I've been training for It for some time, He said he's going to enlist me'' I replied. 

"You? Jihye don't joke with me, you basically just let jimin attack and you barely did anything to get him off of you, Have your learned anything from your training?" He said shaking his head in disapproval . "You'd die, Quickly" he added.

"Just Shut Up" I spat, with my irritation reaching an all time high.

"Make Me" He Challenged, I Rolled my eyes.

"Are you In the battle field?" I asked.

"Have Been for a year, Baby" He said smirking. "Im surprised, Greg would let his daughter go into a battle field knowing how dangerous it is, is he really putting your life on the line for his business?" he added, my thoughts then hit me my dad did think of his business more than me, but I've been so used to him doing that,the thought didn't even bother me any more.

"Im Going To Go" I said, and started walking off but then I felt hands grab at my waist pulling me back onto a broad chest and felt a face next to my ear. 

"Jihye, I really think you shouldnt enlist if you want to preserve this life of yours." He said, I let out a huff as my Irritation came back and I grabbed his hands and forcefully took them off my waist, I turned around to face him.

"Listen Jungkook, I dont know how low you think of me but I am going to enlist and I am going to show you just how skilled I can be" I said with a serious tone I don't know why but a rush came over me, I just got the feeling to want to show him up and let him swallow his words. 

"I think I spark your ego way too much." He said.

The bell than rang signaling that the first class has ended, I sighed.

"Whatever" I said and left Jungkook he didnt say a word after I left I then start walking down the hall once again I now had to go back my first class which was literature and turn my work in and explain why I didnt come, before going to second period. But intruding my thoughts were Jungkook's words and how he tries to belittle me, Ill show him.


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