Misconception -Jeon Jungkook-




And He Stood Straight Up With His Back Turned To Me, He Stared At The Regular Sized Window In Front Of Him, Showing Him The Gray Musky Clouds About To Pour Down Rain. 

"Jihye, Let Me Ask You A Question" He Said Coldly, With His Back Still Facing Me.

"Yes?" I Replied Softly, As If My Voice Couldnt Go Any Higher, It Nowhere Matched His Cold Tone. 

"Do You Know How It Feels?" He Said

"How What Feels Jungkook?" I Said Softly Again Though I Was Alittle Annoyed That His Sentence Had No Context Clues For Me To Follow What He Was Talking About.

"How It Feels To Love Somebody.. And Make Them Feel Such A Misconception.." He Said

"How It Feels To..Also Be A Misconception To Your Ownself,I Was Telling Myself 'You Dont Actually Love Her', When She Was Only All I Could Think About" He Said, He Then Turned Around To Reveal His Dark Brown Eyes Piercing At Me, He Walked Closer To Me, Till He Was About 3 Inches In Front Of Me. 

"What A Misconception I Made You Feel, You Were All I Could Ever Think About" He Said.


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