Reasons for loving you [HIATUS]


Woogyu short fluffy stories. Drabbles. 


I'm sick rn, so i couldnt finish up sunggyu's part yet. I just wrote around 1k of words and it still has a long way to go. ㅠㅠ sorry that the update was delayed. See you soon guys.

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30 streak #1
Chapter 5: omg nooooo woohyun ㅠㅠㅠ i hope sunggyu will be able to fixed this!!!!
namu_candy #2
Chapter 5: You broke my heart T_T
Chapter 5: Why woohyun believe to that girls ㅠ.ㅠ
Chapter 5: I love these one shots really I'm sad I've found them too late but thank you for all of them, their great like your chaptered one~ can't wait for the second part of the last story ╥﹏╥
Chapter 5: Well if we can request or suggest plots then I must say I really want a firefighter au ╥﹏╥. like there in none of those about woogyu tho it could be awsome ╥﹏╥
61 streak #6
Chapter 5: I think the girls are lying. Don't listen to them hyun.
skyler198 #7
Did u thought about soulmate plot?
skyler198 #8
Chapter 5: Ok so I cant wait for part 2 ;)
Chapter 5: I need Sunggyu version, want to know what does he feel, that so called Sunggyu fanclub girl annoying me -_-
joannadecal #10
Noooooooo. . Hyun!!!!!!