Lend Me Your Shoulder

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This is the first time i write using Ren's full POV, which explain why I'm using 'you' to refer to JR. Actually this story was made when i'm stressed out because of that Produce 101 show begin.

And i'm really happy that they become more successful after Produce101.

Keep Support NU'EST and happy anniversary NU'EST!

(ps: this story also made for NU'EST anniversary. I know this is very very late to post this but better late than never, right? 
Please enjoy!)


This story is taken from Choi Mingi/Ren's POV. 


"You are always shines like a star in the sky. Your smile can makes everyone easily falling in love with you. The moment when I saw you there without us, I finally realized that my place is not beside you anymore, because you have Minhyun by your side. But I still hope someday you will realize that I love you so much, JR."



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Chapter 5: Cuteness overload >_< thanks for making such a cute, lovely, good story
Chapter 5: I really love your stories!!! Please make more jren stories author-nim~