When a trip to the wrong destination leads to something else.


Dongwan's travel agent booked a trip to 

Finland instead of Switzerland.  He had 

wanted to take a break after his musical

to go mountain climbing.  The mistake was not realized until it was too late to  change 

the flight, so he went to Finland.

Instead of mountains there are what is 

called Fells, large hill.  There were good

hiking trails on these Fells.  Dongwan rented a bike to ride the trails.  He was enjoying 

his peaceful time alone riding down the hill

with the wind in his face, he almost didn't 

See the large furry beast that appeared on 

The trail in front of him as he heard a 

Woman's voice yelling, "Get back here Dameon!"

Dongwan was not able to stop in time so

he swerve off into the pushes, he hit the 

brakes too hard and flipped over the 

handlebars landing on his back.  He stared 

up into the sky trying to catch the breath 

that was knocked out of him.

Suddenly a vision in strawberry blond hair blocked the sun from his face.  The woman 

was holding up what looked like it was a 

broken leash and with her other hand she

was covering so she wouldn't

laugh out loud.

"I am Jezzy and that was my dog, Dameon."

she explained as she reached out her 

hand to help Dongwan get to his feet.  He 

took her hand and stood up.  She gave him

a once over.

"Good, it doesn't seem that anything is 

broken.  You should be able to get back

to where ever you need to go, "she turn to 

walk away, "I am sorry about my dog, but 

these are hiking trails, you should not have

been riding your bike so fast."

He watched her walk away for a minute, he was at a loss for words, he wanted to say

something, anything,  but his mouth would

not cooperate.  He walked back to his bike

and saw that it only had a few scratches.

He turned to look for her so he could at

least introduce himself, but she was no

where to be seen.  He sighed, was she an

angel or a demon, he did not know.  But he 

had every intention of finding out.


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