BTS Roleplay Search

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Hello everyone! i'm searching for a Roleplay with our beloved BTS! 


I should mention i love Jimin with pretty much everyone XD and prefer to play Jimin 


i love fantasy plots, ABO, vampires, werewolves, etc so i would like to try to build a setting around that, and i love College/High School/ Cafe/work settings :D (this all can be further discussed in the Inbox :) )


I would also be playing bottoms(or power bottoms) perferablly, or i can play switch, but i'm not the best with strictly top characters, so please be paitent with me. i am learning to roleplay more top by practicing my switch characters. 


I am not very good with , but i do want to better myself (not just for roleplaying but for my stories cause i do plan on writing in my stories and i at it XD) if you are not comfortable with it, that is okay and we do not have to roleplay it out (fade to black or time skips are perfectly fine!) but if you are okay with it let me know so i can practice! I need all the practice i can get!

i am fine with any and all topics, ranging from extreme mature(, abuse, , death, etc) to the most vanilla(extreme cuteness, lots of cute kisses, cuddles, etc)


my favoriting pairings are listed in the most updated chapter, though i am flexible in pairings so they don't have to be those specific pairings :3


If you want to Roleplay with me, please just send me a message through Kakao! i am looking forward to everything that you guys will send me!


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slygirl #1
hello I am interested in this but can you tell me first which platform do you want to do it?