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BTS Roleplay Search
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Hey guys! So right now i am really looking for some roleplaying partners


I am on Kakao, my username is Jikookluver16

i am also up to roleplaying on google docs and using kakao as a disscussion chat room

i am very flexible with plots, so we can talk about many plots and ideas. i am also very flexible in rps, being able to maintain more than 1 at a time, so if we have many ideas and you want to rp more at once, i am very good at keeping up with them :3

I am definitely looking for a JiKook, vmin, yoonmin, namjin, taegi, or sope.

But i also love Jimin with everyone.

My pairings i am lookong for consist of, but are not limited to...



NamMin (Monchi, JimJoon, RapMin, JiMon, minjoon)




Yoonseok (Sope)


TaeGi (SugaV, VGi)





I am not limited to just these pairings, though they are some of my favorites, i am very flexible to the pairings i roleplay. though i will be honest i do have certain ones i prefer to play depending on the pairing :3 some pairings i am new to (Taekook is one of them) so please be paitent with me.

i am willing though to try new pairings and i'm not limited to just pairings, but we can also do trios (again, i am very flexible with and those listed below are just some i thought of at first. i am perfectly flexible with any and

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slygirl #1
hello I am interested in this but can you tell me first which platform do you want to do it?