I Need Memory...

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"MIRA! YAH! CHOI MIRA! ILEONA! You can't do this to me... I'll... I'll not let anything happen to you... I know that you can hear me!

So please... Please... Wake up!


He screamed louder than the pouring rain as his outright rough voice cracked in despair. Even in that dizzy and almost unconscious state, I could sense him panicking in fret and fear. He was definitely crying and that thought alone broke my heart into a million pieces. He cried harder, calling out that name.

My name, I supposed... 

My hands held the steering wheel tightly when the vehicle moved forward with a dangerous creaking sound louder than the blaring thunder. The jeep was hanging halfway through the cliff. I could hear him scream and cry his heart out. He was begging me to stay still. But I couldn't.

A sudden fear engulfed my mind at that tragic moment and I felt myself break more. The fear of not being able to see him again. It was overtaking my sanity and all I could think of was, him. And regardless of the consequences, I wanted to see his face, for one last time.

And I was well aware of what was next. 

I turned around to have one final glance at the beautiful boy who made my heartbeats race every single time. At that moment, I could feel my deepest emotions yearning to treasure his loving face as my last memory.

Not knowing what I was about to do, he kept crying out my name while he struggled with all his might to hold the jeep back from moving anymore further. I was a heartbeat away from meeting his mesmerizing gaze for a last time.

Right then, it happened. 

The jeep went off the cliff with a strike of lightning and a loud thunder following it.

I jerked up in shock when the scenes from the dream came rushing to my senses.

"Mwo ya??"

I sighed wiping the usual stream of teardrops that always followed that dream. That very same dream that I've been having every single day of the past five years. And it always ended with the fall before I could manage to see his face.

Who was he?  Why was he calling me, Choi Mira? 

What kind of a dream am I recalling... 


Is it a memory that I'm not remembering...


This is a VIXX Ravi fanfic with some original characters and fictional characters as well. Since my writing skills are still at the beginner stage, please be patient with mistakes and feel free to comment any criticism.

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Hey dearies, I have chosen the title for every chapter from the lyrics of VIXX's songs to make it interesting. So do check out those songs and particularly King Wonshik's lines. Thank you! ★


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yah, gia. why would you do that? look at him, he's been in pain. i know it's hard, but it's not about your life only.

take your time authornim. i don't mind it.
i love how you make the story unpredictable and saaaaad.
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Chapter 9: Wow. This story has been on my list for a while now and I'm annoyed at myself for not reading it sooner. This is amazing. You paint the scene so vividly, and I feel so much for both Ravi and Mira/Gia. They feel so real, and I want to read more. Please continue with this story, sunshine_starlight. I want to see where their story leads.
Thank you so damn much for the support, dearies! I'll work on harder to give better chapters for y'all! ⭐
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Chapter 6: I really like this kind of story. Thanks for updating authornim <3 <3
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