Love Sick



These are the compilations of letters and messages which I failed to say. I hope you are able to read this. I am not expecting you to do so. To be honest I am no longer expecting anything from you but I would be glad if you have time to read everything for this is also my way of letting you know my side and what goes through my mind. I know you would most probably ignore all these but at least I tried, though. I knew right from the start that it is only in shoujo manga wherein the guy would regret everything and chase the girl for her to come back to his life.




I was a like a MAN IN A MOVIE when I met you. You made me SAY WOW and I ended up doing DANCE DANCE movements as I felt my heart palpitating. Inevitably, you became MY DAY and I'M SERIOUS about it. However, due to circumstances, I have to do the process of LETTING GO. I know that IT WOULD HAVE BEEN the two of us and we are worthy to be given CONGRATULATIONS but the fact that I WAIT all the time although WINTER HAS GONE made me tired. Nevertheless, you can still LEAN ON ME while I SMILE at you despite what could have happened. YOU WERE BEAUTIFUL, every inch of you including the memories we have. But now that we are away from each other, HOW CAN I SAY those to you? I want to HUNT for you and set you FREE at the same time. I love you and I am OUT OF MY MIND.

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