DIA drabbles and one-shots


It's finally here fam, a collection of DIA stories because god, we need more of those.


I'm not really sure what I'm doing. BUT if you happen to like this or you are just desperate to read about a particular DIA ship like I was, feel free to make a request!

Opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism are highly appreciated.


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Chapter 3: hi! can i ask eunjin x eunice? this ship is so underrated but i love their interactions
jiyeonhyerilover #2
Chapter 3: Hai can i request jueun and chaeyeon pair..i really love both of them and lately they have many schedule together..please make a chapter about this two pretty girls..
Chapter 3: How about a Heehyun x Eunjin? or Eunjin x Seulgi? A dance oneshot with Seul and Eunjin would be cool
c6h12o6 #4
Chapter 3: this was really nice! i've never shipped chaejin before but this one was great. i'll be looking forward to the continuation!! and can i request for eunchae x jenny? or jueun x heehyun?
anywaays, thank you so much for writing this~
aresph #5
Can i request Cathy x Yebin? Thank you :)
Please make more ChaeBin or ChaeJin..
Avocado #7
Ooh I am always up for DIA! The other ships need love too yes
Chapter 3: If you don't mind, I request yebin x eunchae. This ship has been sailing since yolo trip, I guest. Yebin is always beside eunchae...even though no one ship them yet :') the plot is up to you.