A Pink Hybrid

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It was raining at that time,6 famous guys were running for their life away from all the crazy fans,while hiding inside an alley Namjoon(the god of destruction) accidentally stepped on a poor kitty tail.What happen when the kitty turns into an extreme rare hybrid and living together with six guys?



Hi guys!!This is my first time writting a fanfic,I hoped everyone can enjoy this.I'm sorry for any grammar or spelling errors as english is not my first language.My story may not be that great compare to the other stories that you had read before but I hope everyone can enjoy this story and leave comment about what you thought.Thank you

I'm so sorry dear cutiepies,I didnt mean to let this story for hanging so long.I'm so sorry 😭 My School exam system is a mess,almost taking an exam every after two months but dun worried my dear .promise this will be the last Exam of the year.Pls wish me lucks!!Thank you and extremely sorry🙏


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ismi_L #1
Chapter 6: Loved it authornim. New update please. Please...
Chapter 6: May her rest in peace.T.T Even though i don't know author-nim in flesh , i feel somehow sad.Condolence to her family and her friends.
I wish I can fulfill her little wish , I'm a writer too maybe I can help .
Chapter 6: Im crying.. Too be honest i completely forgot about the plot and was like just reread it again cause it updated but now seeing this i cant help but feel sad... I know how it feels to lose someone and even though i dont know the author in flesh i felt like i lost someone again... Rest in peace... I hope someone will fullfil the authors wish.
Chapter 6: Omg im sad to hear that T_T didnt expect it at all im so sorry for your lost and i hope someone will continue this story :(
Chapter 6: Hello, I'm sorry to hear this but if you're still recruiting a writer, I'd be willing to be one. I really love this story and I'm waiting to be a substitute for our beloved author ㅠㅠ
Chapter 6: Omggad!! This can’t be trueeee !!! No wonder I always wonder why the author didnt update the storyy ??
Shirayuki_A2 #7
Chapter 3: Omg this story is so unique and great please update it cause I don't think I've ever seen a story like this before and I love it.
Chapter 3: Please update