{PROJECT} Winkun One-Shot Series (REQUESTS OPEN! Please read the requests section for details!)


About: Just a series of Winkun one-shots written by me varying in genres and lengths.


Dedication: To all the Winkun shippers worldwide, especially the Winkun authors on Asianfanfics and Wattpad. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't get inspired to do this project in the first place. 




Couples: Winkun (Top! WinWin, Bottom! Kun) are the main couple for ALL one-shots in here.

Side NCT otps (who may or may not appear): Yusol, Dojae, Markhyuck, 2Tae, Tenny, Jaeno, Renle, and many more!


Warning: Most one-shots may include simple adult contents, such as ual jokes, mention of alcohol, violence, and simple cursing (e.g. damn, bastard, and etc.). Be assured. I will check the rated M box if any one-shot contain , and any other hardcore adult content. 


Requests: (OPEN)


- Must subscribe. Upvote not necessary, but appreciated.

- Please place request in the comment section below. You may request more than once at a time, but please make your request(s) neat. It will be ignored if the format is too messy.

- I do accept PM requests, because I understand that some of you don't want the request to be spoiled. Remember: messy requests will be ignored.

- Please keep in mind that I won't always accept all requests. If I can't fulfill a request, I'll politely deny it.

Must follow format below:

- Plot: Describe the story or give me a prompt. The more details, the better!

- Characters: Must include all characters and their importance in the story, including cameos.

- Genre(s): Please list all genres. NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS! 

- Couples: May include any side NCT otps. Remember: Winkun are always the main couple! Love triangles involving Winkun accepted.

 If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Disclaimers: Pictures and characters belong to rightful owner. Plot and original characters (OCs) only belong to me.


Table of Contents (In order of chapters)

1) Sacrifice

Plot: Kun is chosen as the next ‘sacrifice’ to the Dragon Emperor, WinWin.

Genres: royal!au, fluff, romance, slight angst.

2) Underneath

Plot: Kun believes that WinWin is a good person underneath his bad reputation.

Genres: university!au, gang!au, fluff, romance, slight angst.

3) Like Father, Like Son

Plot: WinWin spoils their son too much for Kun’s liking.

Genres: domestic!au, fluff, romance, slight angst, mpreg

Requested by: uranus13xxx (AFF) via PM

4) The Giant Cookie Dough Monster

Plot: Kun has to multitask between baking cookies and making sure Sicheng doesn’t steal cookie dough from the bowl.

Genres: fluff, comedy, AU

Requested by: Jaeger_104 (AFF) via comment

WINKUN One-Shot Series - I apologize for not updating in a while, but recently the one-shots (& requests) I've been working on are a lot longer than usual! :D


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Chapter 3: This one is so cuuute, nice one, I like the pace :)
Plot: Kun isn't short...

(Here some links for ideas that I saw:

Characters: Kun and Sicheng

Genre(s): Fluff, comedy

Couples: Winkun
wooshine #3
Chapter 4: omg winwin i thought you were innocent cx
i love this!! keep up the good work <3
Chapter 4: oh wow i did not expect sicheng to be this dirty smh lil child
kun suffering lel
very adorable thank you :D
Chapter 4: Oh Sicheng.... XD Poor Kun! This is one of the funniest things ever. Poor NCT Dream, it's one thing after another between Sicheng and Johnny. I almost forgot about "Oh daddy" actually XD. Thank you so much for writing this.
Chapter 3: Oh god oh god...you really made it oh my god... for meeeee thank you x 1000000 XD .. you know ur update make me smile like a fool and it is more excited than the news NCT will be in my country :)
Thank you again :D
- Plot: Kun has to multi task between baking cookies and making sure Sicheng doesn't steal cookie dough from the bowl.

- Characters: Kun and Sicheng as main

- Genre(s): Fluff, comedy

- Couples: Winkun