I'm Han Sanghyuk, the Cinderella?!



Sanghyuk has to live with his mother's best friend's family while they go on vacation. How will he survive?



Han Sanghyuk

- 17 years old

- Sophomore at Jellyfish High

- Very kawaii, naive, and shy around strangers

Lee Hongbin

- 19 years old

- Senior at Jellyfish High

- Very cold and mean towards strangers, and very nice and playful towards his friends

...and the rest to appear as story progresses! ^^


Hi, guys~ o/

Another HYUKBIN story! :D

This story is (mainly) inspired by VIXX's Mydol, Cinderella, and so many more (too lazy to put them). xD

Please comment~ :)

Thank you and have a great day! ^^


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joanna20 #1
Hi. Its been long. Please update soon. Ty
I'm waiting for the next coming chapter. update please. ❤️
Queenayeoh #3
will be waiting for the next chapter please update soon^^
i'm waitting for the next chap~~~ i think this story is good.. i love Hyukbin fanfic that Hyuk is the cute and shy one, kekekeee :P and hongbin's the cold one...