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3 years ago~

"Noooo..!! Mom, not you too !!!! Please dont leave me alone.......*crying*. What should I do now if you leave me like dad do too ?''  Hani ask her mother. Her mother didn't reply and leaving the house without looking back at Hani who is crying her eyes out.








Main Character:

Name: Song Hani


Status: Living alone ( no Parents)

Name: Park Chanyeol

Age: 20

status: Study abroad, Hani's childhood best friend

Name: KIm Jong In

Age: 19

Status: Hani's friend 

There are more characters but I only mention the important characters. 

[I haven't online about 2 years because of my study and now I'm just graduated from Highschool this year. I also already start the university so I might not be have much time to update the story, Hope you guys understand ^^. Forgive me if there are error words or wrong grammar because English is not my first languge.Please enjoy~]




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