My Paradise


What will you do........

If one day you wake up in a different place, different time ????

And there are 12 guys who you dont know gathering you..........

They tried to help you go back home BUT...

Will you go back or not ? 


Let see then~ ^^


Hey guys !!!! Nice to see you guys again with my new story but this time there're no in this one. ( Sorry to some subscribers ) 

And the story might have some unbeliveable thing like, superpower...etc ^^

Hope you guys enjoy my first long drama story.......^.^


 지민 ( Park Jimin ) : 18 years old 

come from the another world but fall in this human world by accident

cute, beautiful, innocent

have  superpower ( mind control and time travel )

Kim Min Seok (김민석) or Xiumin :  24 years old

oldest of the group but have baby face

Manly,Kind-heart, funny

Power: Froze

Kris (크리스 ) : 24 years old

Leader of Exo-M and the tallest among the members

Handsome , cold , a bit scary but have a beautiful heart

Power: Dragon or Flight

 Okay, that are the main  character of this story BUT I might add 1 or 2 more characters in the future ........

Tell me if you want me to add anybody who you like...........



LOL look at those two xD hahahahah.......... how could they be the oldest ????

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