Who are you ?


You, who doesn't know anything about relationship or one can say that have no interest until someone made you interested. You, who always think real life relationship is not same as K-drama that you always watch or everyone imagine if it happen to them. In your mind, only have space for Kpop, Drama, movies, anime, writing novel.....etc like normal people do. But sooner or later, you, who actually feel it yourself..........



"Does being in relationship is that important that you must experience at least once before getting married?"  The question that always poped up in your head each time you see other or your friends blabbering about their relationship while you sit there listen to them. 

"Why bother being in relationship if they gonna whining about no freedom..blah blah blah?"  you think to yourself. You think relationship is just the pain in the but .......little did you know about your own future....how messy can it be.......

About this story, i might add different characters later to make it excited, if you guys have any suggestion about character, feel free to contact me. However, BTS will remain important in this so i can't twist the story by changing main character xD
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