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What will happen when two heartbroken people are forced to marry each other ? Will they be able to love again ? or are their hearts too broken to heal ? ...


'' This is gonna be my room and this here is yours .And let me be clear nothing ever is gonna happen between us  '' he explained with a poker face without even bothering to look at me 

'' tsk , it's not like I am eager for something to happen too '' I replied him rolling my eyes . This can be good , I thought 

''  Okay , you're free to do whatever you want , I don't care . You can go out with your friends , party . You can even have a boyfriend it's not my problem BUT I don't want anyone I know to come to me and tell me that he saw you with someone . Even though nothing is gonna happen between us  you're still legally my wife '' he continued . 

'' Okay , anything else ? I want to sleep '' I said folding my arms . I'd rather be in bed than keep this little chitchat with this guy here . 

'' No matter what you'll always be here at night . Do everything you want during the day but make sure you'll always sleep in this house . Ah , also we have to fool everyone and act lovey-dovey in front of our families do you understand ? I've got enough of their nagging already '' will his list ever end  ? 

Without waiting for my reply , he entered his room and closed the door . Seriously ? how can I live with this bastard for the rest of my life ? 

'' Jerk ! '' I muttered and then entered my room . 





Hello everyone ! :) 

This is my second fanfic . I just got inspired and wanted to write it immediately . I am not sure if it's going to be long or short just subscribe to know what will happen ;) 

English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistake I'll make :) Please comment and tell me what you think :) 


Check my other fanfic here http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1162014/chaos-bigbang-gdragon-jiyong-top-oc0 . It's still not complete yet , I'll try my best to work on both :)  


Thank you :* :* ^^ 




Shay ... 






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