The Visit

When Leader Splits into Two

A/n: Hey~ After 3 or 4 years of having this story on hiatus, I decided to continue this story. I believe that by continuing this story, I can tell myself that I've move on and still considered Shinee as 5 eventho they're only 4 members physically. Do keep in mind that this story was supposed to happen when they were promoting 1 of 1 and as I mentioned in my previous author's note, this will be a happy ending but I won't touch on late Jonghyun's death as that was my original story about. Since I decided to keep on going with this story, I will be editing the other chapters a bit because I felt that there's some loopholes. Please excuse my lame writing because I have abandoned my creative writing for this past year because I need to focus on scientific wrtings. Well, here goes nothing....


Onew was waiting for his name to be called. He was sitting in front of an office door where the letters written on the door was 'Dr. Park Jung Soo, Psychiatrist.' It's a lie if he was not nervous because the last time he went there was almost 10 years ago, before the Shinee members were announced. He tapped his feet on the floor while waiting.

"Lee JInki-ssi?" a nurse called out his name from the psychiatrist's room.

Onew perked up as he heard his real name. "Ne," he stood up on his place. The nurse gave him a warm smile while informing him that Dr Park told him to get inside. Onew bowed towards the nurse while saying thanks as he went inside.

"Annyeonghaseyo, Park-seonsaengnim," Onew greeted the doctor. Dr. Park smiled warmly towards Onew.

"Ne, long time no see, Jinki-ya, How have you been this past years? If I'm not mistaken, this is your first visit since that day. Is everything okay?" Dr Park genuinely got worried of the younger. Onew fidgeted a bit on his seat. After a few seconds of silence, he opened his mouth.

"Seonsaengnim... I think Minki came back," he confessed. Dr Park's eyes went wide but it didn't last long. Soon, his gaze turned into a parent who deeply concern of their child.

"Jinki-ya. Do you finally remember that you have another person inside you?" Onew just nodded his head. "What happened? Can you tell me the details on how and when you had started to remember?"

Slowly, Onew told Dr Park about what happened earlier during the dance practice and how he remembered when he got his headache. Even the conversation that they had last night in their dormitory, he told him everything. The psychiatrist jotted down his patient's story as a later reference for him to help the boy. As soon as Onew finished his story, Dr Park offered him a drink where the latter gratefully accepted.

Dr Park thought hard before deciding to tell the younger his opinion.

"Does your members had told you about any weird episodes when all of you lived together?"

"No, as far as I remember, the members never told me anything like that," Onew answered truthfully. Dr Park changed his sitting position for a bit before letting out his opinion. "Jinki-ya. How about this time, you let your members know about your conditon. I think this is a better solution rather than undergoing another hypnosis to make Minki fall asleep for a long time."

The Shinee leader gasped in shock. The thought of letting the younger members know about him and his mental disorder made him feeling very insecure. He was supposed to lead the team yet he himself can't even cure this illness. He felt that he had fail as a leader.

"Like I said, let me take over!" Minki's voice filled up his mind until he clutched his head, a full force headache came over him. Dr Park who saw this immediately took action turning on a calming music before grabbing two pills of painkiller.

"It's okay, Jinki-ya. I'm here with you. Take a deep breathe and don't let Minki take over you," he took Jinki's hands and gently caressed them in an attempt to calm down the boy. Onew followed the doctor's instructions and soon his pain subsided. He opened his eyes slowly and saw Dr Park gave him some painkillers. He took it and gulped down the water bottle. The elder looked at him knowingly, "Jinki-ya. I know that you freaked out of letting them know about your condition. But, I assure you that they will understand you and will try their best to help you. So, don't feel burdened too much, okay?"

Hearing this, Onew just nodded weakly, "I'll try, seonsaengnim."

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Chapter 5: Thank you so much for updating this story
This past years really hard for us
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Chapter 4: RIP oppa
Chapter 4: RIP oppa
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Chapter 4: Today’s events have affected so many people, and although I don’t know what you should do about this story, I will just say that I have really enjoyed this story so far, but if you feel like it’s not okay to Jonghyun to continue, you shouldn’t do that.

Stay strong, and talk to others if everything seems too much. My PM is always open if you need it, also if you just want to talk about how amazing of a person Jonghyun was.
Angel-princess #5
Chapter 2: Good luck on your exams. Hope you do well<3
Chapter 2: I hope everything goes well for you and good luck for the exams. Please dont feel pressured by us readers, we can surely wait ^~
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