Dance practice incident

When Leader Splits into Two


Hi~! Long time didn't update. Hihi... I got a writer's block going on. And now, I can't go to sleep, so why don't I try to continue this story ^^. Hopefully, it'll turn out to be alright...

Important notes:

This is what their thoughts are

This is Minki's speech

Chapter 2 starts:

The next morning, Onew woke up from his bed just like usual. He groggily went to the living room while staring away blankly. Not long after, Minho came out from his room while stretching his body.

"Ah, hyung~ Good morning~" he huskily greeted Onew. Onew snapped from his blank state and replied the younger. Onew stood up but not soon after that, his vision got blurry and his body gave out. Minho with his athletic reflex, managed to capture Onew before the older crashed on the floor. "Hyung! Are you ok?" Minho asked. The leader sheepishly smile while getting himself together.

"I'm okay, Minho-ya. Sorry for scaring you like that. I got up too fast I think," Onew carefully explained. Minho seemed a bit skeptical with Onew's response but he decided to let it slip. "Okay... Ah, don't forget your meds, hyung. Let's eat before going to the dance practice."

Onew just nodded and they went to the kitchen to fix themselves some simple breakfast.

That day, they only had dance practice half a day in order to avoid over-exhaustion during their next comeback stage.

After swallowing his medicine and other supplements, they went downstairs as their manager was waiting for them at the parking lot.

When they arrived, he saw his remaining members were busy stretching up. Key saw him first as soon as he walked in.

"Ah, hyung! Have you eaten your meds?" Being the eomma of the group, he always takes care of s' health.

Onew just smiled his famous eye-smile while giving him a thumbs-up. Minho on the other hand grumbled at Key for not believing him on taking care of their eldest which lead them to having a friendly fight with Taemin jokingly said that both Minho and Key fought like newly weds. Onew just fondly laughed at their 'lovey-dovey' scenario.

Meanwhile, Jonghyun kept on glancing at the leader all the time. He can't get the thought about the brief change in Onew's gaze out of his head.

After a few hours of dancing, they decided to call it off in order to preserve their stamina for tonight's stage. The leader was deep in thought when he was packing his things. 

Will I be able to dance well tonight? The songs are 1 of 1 and Prism but since I got injured, I think that I'm lacking behind. What should I do?

"Then, stop fooling around! Let me take over!"

As soon as the voice finished talking, Onew got hit by a sudden headache. It's so overwhelming that he slightly whimpered. At the same time, a flood of memories went over him especially on the day before the Shinee members were announced. Hypnosis, frequent visits to the hospital and more importantly, the part that he forgot the most; his alter, Minki.

Jonghyun was beside him when he heard his hyung whimpered in pain. He got panic for a while and grabbed hold of his shoulder in an attempt to help him. "Hyung! Gwaenchanhayo?" he gently shakes him.

What he didn't expect was that Onew slapped away his hand... HARD. Jonghyun stared at him with a disbelieving look

Onew was also dumbfounded by his body reflex on Jonghyun that he got shocked for a while to the point that his body seemed to freeze.

The younger members quickly went towards them when they heard the slight commotion.

"Wae? What happened here, hyungs?" Minho was the first one to ask.

"I... W-we... O-Onew-h-hyung..." Jonghyun stuttered because he was at loss of his words due to Onew's action. It was extremely unexpected for the leader to be harsh with s like just now.

Onew on the other hand, ran away from the practice room and was going to the one person he long had not visited: his psychiatrist.

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Chapter 5: Thank you so much for updating this story
This past years really hard for us
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Chapter 4: RIP oppa
Chapter 4: RIP oppa
Angel-princess #4
Chapter 4: Today’s events have affected so many people, and although I don’t know what you should do about this story, I will just say that I have really enjoyed this story so far, but if you feel like it’s not okay to Jonghyun to continue, you shouldn’t do that.

Stay strong, and talk to others if everything seems too much. My PM is always open if you need it, also if you just want to talk about how amazing of a person Jonghyun was.
Angel-princess #5
Chapter 2: Good luck on your exams. Hope you do well<3
Chapter 2: I hope everything goes well for you and good luck for the exams. Please dont feel pressured by us readers, we can surely wait ^~
Chapter 2: Dont feel pressured to update. Just wait til u strike the gold in ur mind :D Acads, family, exams, etc. Good luck w/ all of them!
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