After Weekly Idol

When Leader Splits into Two

I don’t know how to start this story but I think I’ll start directly after his aegyo =_=’


*Onew finishing his aegyo song then went into his NaengDuBu mode*

“That was great Onew-ah! Wow, now we have Shinee Onew as the SM boy group representative for aegyo! Give a big clap to him,” Hyungdon clapped with a hint of amazement on his face.

Even the other members were also amazed on their leader’s improvement since aegyo was not a thing for their eldest hyung. But, Jonghyun felt that there’s something not quite right with his leader hyung. He observed his aegyo from the start, although he cringed to the cheeziness of the song. When Onew went into NaengDuBu, he was shocked but at the same time tried to hide it from the camera. It’s not uncommon for them to see Onew used that face everytime he felt embarrassed, threatened or offended but mainly NaengDubu was used as a gag. It shows how funny it was to change from a wide grin to a stoic and poker face in mere seconds.

However, this time, Onew’s NaengDuBu mode didn’t show the playfulness behind his gaze. Jonghyun was the only one that can see the cheekiness glares behind that scary poker face. Somehow, it seemed that Onew became someone else entirely with that cold glare he emitted. But, he just shrugged it off when the MCs announced that they will be moving on to the next corner and Onew dropped off his NaengDuBu façade.


They rode inside the Shinee van as they were on their way to their home. Although now they live separately, they always travel together during their promotions as a group.

Minho, Key and Taemin were bickering on how strong Hyungdon had hit them, Taemin’s betrayal and comparing Onew’s ttakbam and Hyungdon’s hammer swing.

Meanwhile, the two oldest hyungs sat at the back of the van, a bit far from the dongsaengs in order to separate themselves from involving into their ‘fight’. Onew rubbed at his temple with both of his hands when he suddenly experienced a sharp pain in his mind.

Weird… I think I’ve eaten my supplements earlier… or did I? Ah!! I’ll take them again before going to bed…’

He continuously massaged his temple in order to relief his headache. Jonghyun who saw this, looked at his hyung with a worried look.

“Hyung… Are you alright? Do you need some painkiller for your headache?”

Onew shocked his head, turning down Jonghyun’s offer.

“I’m fine, Jjong-ah. I think I’m tired, that’s all. As soon as I get home, a night’s sleep should be able to cure it,” he gave an assuring smile.

“If you said so, hyung,” he was a bit disappointed actually but he knows that now their leader is better than he was in the past in terms of taking care of himself.

In the past, the leader would sometimes neglect his own health in order for his dongsaengs to be able to perform in their top condition. The proof was his fainting accident during one of their Juliet promotions in one of the music shows.

Now with his leg injury, Onew knew better rather than to upset his dongsaengs more.

“Oh yeah, Jjong-ah… How’s your head? Did I hit you too strong?” he remembered that he had to use his ttakbam to Jonghyun. He was extremely guilty for it and the younger looked like he would burst out crying. He did try to lower down his strength but since he never practiced on lowering his ttakbam power, he doesn’t know how low he got to reduce the power with minimal damage.

Jonghyun just laughed at his hyung’s worried face. ‘Oh gosh, he looked so funny when he’s worried.’

“Ah… Nan gwaenchana, hyung… It did hurt but I know that you tried to use less strength. So, stop feeling guilty, hyung. It’s just for variety,” he nudged at Onew lightly in order to comfort him.

Onew sighed in relief.

Minho and Taemin had experienced his ttakbam first hand in the past and just like what they said in Weekly Idol earlier, both of them experienced nosebleed. He got scared that Jonghyun would undergo the same thing.

As soon as they arrived at their dormitory, he and Minho got off from the van and were about to head inside when they heard Key called his name. He turned around and saw the other member’s smiling face.

“Bye, hyung! Have a nice rest!” Taemin shouted out loud while the others waved him with a smile.

“Make sure your leg is all heal up, arasso hyung? Minho-ya, take care of Onew-hyung!” Key being their eomma gave a slight warning. They all know that his sangtae will eventually appear even when they’re not in front of the camera.

Onew gave a thumbs-up while Minho shouted 'arasso' towards Key and went inside the building before any of their fans noticed them.

As soon as they arrived in front of their dorm, Minho punched on the security code before they entered. As soon as  Onew went in, he closed the door behind him and quickly went sprawling out at the living room. Minho just chuckled, looking at his eldest hyung's attics.

"Hyung! It's already late, let's go to sleep. We have dance practice tomorrow at 9. Make sure you eat your medicine, okay? I think I can hear Kibum nag at me to tell you to eat your meds," Minho jokingly said. Onew just laughed at the statement and went straight to the bathroom.

He took a nice, cool bath since he was sweating profusely during the filming. After that, he ate an apple before proceeding to take some supplements and medications for his healing leg. It got better by now and in a week time, he’ll be able to dance perfectly with s on stage.

His headache seemed to calm down a bit but the throbbing was still there. He turned off all the lights around the house where he went to Minho's bedroom last. "Minho-ya. Sleep well~" he called Minho out. Minho who was about to sleep, turned his head towards him and smiled. "Good night to you too, hyung~"

He then went into his bedroom and towards the dressing table. He put on some skin product on his face in order to fix his tired skin overnight. Then, he stared at his reflection in front of the mirror.

It showed how happy he was. The thought of seeing their fans cheered loudly at their new song made him happy. He knew that the members also felt the same. Filming variety shows was another merit in order to further promote their new song.

Speaking of variety, he’s worried about Jonghyun. Among the members of Shinee, that kid lacked in variety. Sure, he spoke and responded greatly but that’s because the members were there. If he was by himself, his fear of the camera will overwhelm him and the only way for him to escape those fears was singing. If only-

“You shouldn’t be concerned about others, Onew-ya… You should think about yourself…” a dark voice suddenly filled his mind. Onew was startled by the sudden voice that was in his head. Suddenly, he felt the need to look at his reflection.

His reflection now no longer showed its giddy smile – it showed a mysterious smile with a glint of... hate(?) on his eyes.

Onew fell on his as he tried to back away from the mirror, feeling scared all of the sudden.

“W-w-who are you? What a-a-are you doing in my head?” he stammered.

The voice filled his mind with laughter; a hateful and dark one. Onew tried to block it by covering his ears but it failed miserably.

“Jinki, Jinki, Jinki… do you think that your insecurities won’t haunt you as long as you think about those petty things? Thinking about the fans’ happiness? Worries about your group members? How pathetic! You, as the leader and also the eldest should know that your ‘shining’ Shinee will break up just like what the past groups did. Just because you have your ‘so-called’ brotherhood, doesn’t mean you will stay together forever. You’re asking who am I? I’m the one who helped you during the days when you're in deep stress. Don’t think that you’ll get rid of me easily just because you got your members behind your back. So, where’s your ‘brothers’ now, Onew-ssi?”

That’s when his headache came to him in full force. It was like there’s something buried down in his head and it was forcing itself out into his memory storage. He gritted his teeth in order to hold the pain.

“I… I… I know but…”

“But WHAT?! Jinki-ya... let me ‘take over’ sometimes to show that it is better for you to act seriously like before rather than goofing around…”

Onew’s heartbeat started to rise dangerously. Soon, he found himself panting heavily while fighting through his painful headache.

He climbed onto his bed and collapsed there while clutching on the sheets. He desperately wanted to be free from the pain.

“Please… Stop… It… Hurts… It’s too… painful…” a single tear dropped from his eyes.

“You'll remember everything soon…” it was the only thing that filled in Onew's mind before he fell into a deep sleep.

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Chapter 5: Thank you so much for updating this story
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Chapter 4: RIP oppa
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Chapter 4: Today’s events have affected so many people, and although I don’t know what you should do about this story, I will just say that I have really enjoyed this story so far, but if you feel like it’s not okay to Jonghyun to continue, you shouldn’t do that.

Stay strong, and talk to others if everything seems too much. My PM is always open if you need it, also if you just want to talk about how amazing of a person Jonghyun was.
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Chapter 2: I hope everything goes well for you and good luck for the exams. Please dont feel pressured by us readers, we can surely wait ^~
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