Future Killer
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Leo had been observing the elder's sleeping face. They're now inside a tent which acted as a temporary sickbay. The medical staffs that were brought on the site had already checked on N and it turned out that N most probably collapsed due to the shock and stress.

Leo noticed that sometimes, N's face was scrunched like he's in pain. He had checked every part of his body and was relieved that there's not a single scratch on his body. Then, why was he like that?

'Whatever Hakyeon saw before he fainted must've been affected him so much that he's having nightmares about it,' Leo concluded by himself. He changed the towel that was rested on N's forehead with another cold towel while the one he took, he immersed it in a bowl of cold water beside him. Since he already did his solo shots earlier and the only shots left were with Hakyeon, he didn't mind taking care of him. Their manager had been from the nearest convenience store to buy the necessary medicine for N's sudden fever.

"Hyung, how's N-hyung?" Hyuk asked Leo as the three of them, Hongbin, Ken and himself went to their tent.

Leo just shrugged as a sign that he himself doesn't know either.

As if on cue, a groaned was heard from N's bed, indicated that N's awake.

"Hakyeon-ah! Are you awake now?" having seated beside N, Leo softly asked his friend. The said person groggily nodded while trying to get up from his bed. Leo helped him to sit up while Ken grabbed a bottle of water and the fever meds before passing it to Leo.

"Here. Manager-hyung had bought you some fever meds since your body suddenly become hot," he placed them onto N's hands.

N just nodded while squeaking a small 'thank' before consuming the meds. After handing back the bottle to Leo, N let out a contented sigh as he felt a little bit better from before.

"How's the filming going on, Taekwoon-ah?" N felt like his energy had returned, though not fully after eating the meds. The other members kept on stealing glances with each other before proceeding to answer the leader's question.

"All of us had already finished our scenes. The only scenes that have not yet shot are hyungs' scenes," Ken referred to both Leo and N's scenes. Hearing the response, N tried to get out of bed when Leo stopped him from doing so.

"Hakyeon-ah. Do you really think that you are fine enough to continue the filming? If you're still not fully better, we can postpone it until a later date," Leo asked in concern.

N gave out a faint smile.

"Don't worry, Taekwoon-ah. My condition's not that bad. Besides, eating the fever pills earlier had given me some strength and also had lessened my fever. It's fine."

With that, Leo allowed the elder to continue their shot. Every time the director said 'cut', he kept on stealing glances every here and then on the elder's condition before finishing up the scenes.

After about 3 hours of shooting,

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