Fantasy MV Filming

Future Killer
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N was wandering alone at the forest, just like what the director told him to. He was supposed to portray a man who was on a search for his lover. After a few minutes wandering off, the director finally yelled ‘cut!’ and ended his scene. He dropped his acting face and approached Leo, who looked a bit nervous. “Taekwoon-ah, you’re gonna be okay. Trust me,” he tried to comfort the younger. Both of them were told to film the exact same thing as they’re like the opposites of each other.

Leo just gave a small smile. “But, Hakyeon-ah… I saw the monitor and you looked great. I’m not sure if I can pull it off…”

“Leo-ssi! We’ll start filming now!” one of the staff called him. Leo walked towards the area where N started earlier while glancing over his shoulder to look for his friend. N mouthed ‘fighting’ while raising both of his fists in order to show his support.

The filming started as soon as one of the staff did the slate. True to what N had expected, Leo had done a great job of acting.

‘Hmm… I think our CEO should consider on taking an acting offer for Taekwoon-ie..’ he beamed to himself while running through his thoughts on how his lifelong friend had changed.

Suddenly, a group of black crows came flying at the filming site and knocked down one of the lights, which was the one that’s near to Leo.

“TAEKWOON-AH!!! LOOK OUT!!” N quickly ran towards Leo, considering how far off the director’s seat was to the spot where the other was standing. Leo startled a bit when his friend shouted at him like that and what’s more with that panicked look plastered on his face. He felt the need to look up and saw that the light was about to fall off.

Luckily, Leo being the most athletic one in Vixx had a quick reflex and dodged the falling light. The filming was halted in order to set up another light and him being checked on. N slowed down his running and went beside him while frantically scanning his features.

“Taekwoon-ah… Gwaenchana? You’re not hurt, right?”

“I’m okay, Hakyeon-ah. I think you should stop worrying about me,” Leo replied with a worried tone. N was taken aback by his words.

“W-w-what do you mean? Is it wrong for me to be worried about you? I’m-”

“You looked pale, Hakyeon. And you stuttered a bit just now. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but seeing you suddenly become pale worries me. Are you sick? You looked fine a few minutes ago.”

N was surprised too when he heard Leo said that he looked pale. Well, considering he has the darkest skin among the members, it’s easy to

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Chapter 2: I'm really anticipating this story, authornim.. fighting!
vixxcha #2
Chapter 1: woah..what happen to hakyeon?? i hope nobody will get killed in this story T.T..cant wait for the next ^^
nya256 #3
Chapter 1: who is she? she won't control hakyeon, right?

i like it and wait for your update.
rain3396 #4
Chapter 1: Thank you for update, cant wait for the next chaptet ^^
Chapter 1: Wow this is really great and interesting so far~ :)