Future Killer

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Ever since they came to the forest for their Fantasy MV filming, the leader seemed to be a bit distracted than usual especially during full moon nights. What seemed to be troubling N? Can the members found out what it is and put a stop of it?


My second attempt on fanfic with Vixx as the lead.


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Chapter 2: I'm really anticipating this story, authornim.. fighting!
vixxcha #2
Chapter 1: woah..what happen to hakyeon?? i hope nobody will get killed in this story T.T..cant wait for the next ^^
nya256 #3
Chapter 1: who is she? she won't control hakyeon, right?

i like it and wait for your update.
rain3396 #4
Chapter 1: Thank you for update, cant wait for the next chaptet ^^
Chapter 1: Wow this is really great and interesting so far~ :)